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Guide: How to Repair a Tubeless Tyre Puncture

by Uneeb Khan

Nearly all modern cars have tubeless tires. These tires, which do not require an inner tube, are directly mounted to the car’s rim or alloy wheels. These tires are just as reliable and safe as tube types, but they do not leak immediately during punctures. What should you do if your tubeless tire punctures?

A tubeless tire can be repaired faster with the owner’s help of a tyre puncture kit. We don’t think so. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn how to fix a puncture in a tubeless tire at home.

The Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

An easy way to get a tubeless tire puncture repair tool is to visit any auto accessory or tire shop. One can also be ordered online. Also, invest in a portal car tire inflator. A set of pliers will also be needed from a hardware shop. These can be stored in the trunk of your car.

Find a Safe Spot

You should park your car safely if you are punctured while driving. It should be well-lit and not block traffic. It is easier to fix a front tire than a rear. You don’t need to remove the front wheels. Locate the nail or other sharp object and turn the wheel inside or outside, depending on where it is located. You may need to move your car around to get a clear view of the nail. You’ll need to place the vehicle on a jack to puncture the rear. Then remove the wheel. 

Use the Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

  • Both front and rear tires can be used the same way. You can use the “smoothening instrument” and pliers to remove the nail from the tire. It would help if you disposed of the pin correctly.
  • The “smoothening device” will be used to close the tiny hole left by the nail. To make the hole large enough to accept the rubber strip, you will need to insert the tool several times.
  • When satisfied that the hole is large enough, insert the rubber strip. Do not remove the “smoothening instrument” from the spot. Instead, could you leave it in the middle of the hole? Take one tire strip and place it in the “Strip insert tool.” Once you have removed the tire, place it between your legs. After removing the “smoothening” tool, insert the “strip tool” side-by-side and push it in. You can then pull it out entirely by waiting for a second.

The Final Steps

The rubber strip will stick back into the hole and block air leakage. You can use a small knife to remove the rubber strip sticking out of the tire hole.

Use a puncture tool that is more than two years old. The rubber will become very hard in these cases, and it will be nearly impossible to insert the rubber strip inside the hole.

Quick Check-Up

To check for air leakage, use water. To refill any air that has been lost, a portable inflator can be used.

Time required: A front tire can be repaired in just fifteen minutes, including filling any air cost. It’s possible to improve the rear tire by taking another 15 minutes to remove the wheel and fit it back.

Damage to the pocket: A set of pliers, a portable tire pump, and a puncture repair kit will cost less than Rs 1500-2000, depending on the model. This safe investment can also be helpful on road trips.

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