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Growing Indoor Plants: Steps to Success

by Uneeb Khan

There are as many species of cultivated plants as there are shades on the color wheel, and each of them has its own unique needs in terms of light, temperature, humidity, nutrients, and water in order to thrive.

Since many around the world are bringing greenery indoors to uplift employees, fill negative spaces, regulate interior temperature, humidity, and volume, and just support the biophilia movement, we figured we’d offer some helpful, high-level suggestions for growing plants successfully in indoor planter boxes.

1. Choose an appropriate location with respect to light (or provide artificial light)
It is important to select a location that makes sense not only for your interior design (such as your kitchen, dining room, or office) but also for the plant. Remember, these are living organisms that need specific conditions not only to thrive but simply to survive.

For instance, if you have a heat-loving plant and live in a northerly climate, it doesn’t make sense to place it in a vestibule or near a door or window where temperature swings could be considerable.

Similarly, it’s important to remember that not all plants need the same amount of light. Sun-loving plants do better indoors near south-facing windows (in the northern hemisphere) or with full-spectrum bulbs.

But not all plants love light: remember, some plants like orchids and sansevieria can actually be burned by bright light sources.

2. Keep the temperature within the appropriate range
If your plants need relatively warm temperatures, don’t begrudge them. Also, some plants, like orchids, can be conditioned to develop a flower spike and blossom by keeping the day temperatures within a comfortable range and dropping the nighttime temps by about 10 degrees.

Our best advice is to speak over the matter with the nursery or the seller of the live plants so you can be sure you know what temperature is necessary for the health of your plants – then you can provide it.

3. Select an appropriate potting medium
There are all different sorts of potting mixes, from moisture-retaining loam-and-moss mixtures to dry bark chips to well-draining sandy, loamy mixtures full of perlite.

Some plants need a lot of air around their roots to properly exchange oxygen and nutrients. Others suffer when the soil gets even slightly dry.

It is important to know this ahead of time so you can select an appropriate potting medium that will make watering easier – and finally…

4. Do not overwater or overfeed
Over and underwatering and probably the two biggest killers of houseplants – and truth be told, overwatering may kill more than underwatering (unless you just completely forget entirely!).

Many houseplants flourish in arid to semi-arid environments – such as cacti and succulents. Overwatering them will cause root rot and can kill them in a matter of days to weeks. Similarly, some plants like orchids require high atmospheric humidity but will still die if overwatered.

Know your plants’ needs – then water appropriately.

Similarly, it is important not to over-fertilize. Some plants (generally, crop-bearers that you won’t be growing inside anyway) are heavy feeders. Many popular indoor plants, such as succulents, cacti, jade plants, aloe, and of course carnivorous plants like venus flytraps, need little to no fertilizer.

As in, fertilizing them is not only not beneficial, but can burn – and kill – them. So get familiar with your indoor plants and feed only as appropriate.

Select Healthy Plants and High-Quality Indoor Planter Boxes
A lot of success in indoor planting begins with selecting healthy plants. Buy from a reputable, experienced nursery, and be sure to speak with the seller upfront about the species and its preferences in terms of soil, feeding, watering, humidity, temperature, and access to light.

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