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GPX 200 Thai Cafe, but the parts are engraved with make in china

by Uneeb Khan

GPX is a local Thai brand that started up in 2007. The brand is assembled and sold locally in Thailand. GPX’s main products are vintage bikes, minibikes and dirt bikes, mainly in the small displacement market, and is the brand with the highest market share in Thailand apart from Yamaba and Honda.

The Wuji AC modern retro series announced by Loncin last year at the Expo was jointly developed with GPX Thailand, and the mini bike Wuji 180R/RR launched by Loncin last year also corresponds to GPX’s DEMON-150 GR/GN respectively. It is also evident that it is through this partnership with a domestic manufacturer that this local Thai brand has been able to gain a share of the South East Asian market, which is almost entirely dominated by Japanese brands, by virtue of its high value for money.

In fact, there aren’t many Cafe Racer models on the market for vintage enthusiasts in China, except for their own modifications, and despite the vintage trend in the last couple of years, BMW has yet to introduce a latte version in China.

It is understandable that the market for vintage cars is already in a niche, and the market for vintage cars is even more limited, especially for young people who are looking for a large displacement vintage car at a high price, and a small displacement car at an affordable price would be more suitable for the new market. This is why the GPX Gentleman RACER 200 has been created, allowing customers with a taste for vintage bikes like the Cafe Racer to save most of the cost of modifications and invest their limited budgets in more important personalised components.

The Gentleman RACER 200 is based on the same platform as the vintage street bike Gentleman 200. The two bikes share the same 197cc air-cooled four-stroke 2-valve SOHC engine with a compression ratio of 9.2:1. With a weight of 160kg, the bike is easy for novices to handle. The bullet-head fairing and the split handlebar are the most distinctive aspects of the RACER 200, but they are not simply retro, as the more complex lines create an original look.

The skeletonised triangular table is light and modern, and the rounded full LCD instrument is not only much more beautiful but can also be switched between different backlight colours. The 12L fuel tank is visually long and has anti-slip pads on both sides for easy gripping during the ride. The tank is also embossed with the Gentleman logo, but it’s a little flashy – after all, a real gentleman wouldn’t hang a sign telling people he’s a gentleman, would he? Despite its 197cc displacement, the RACER 200 is equipped with the rare twin-disc radial four-caliper front brakes, and the RACER 200 has 110/70-17 and 140/70-17 front and rear tyres.

The front has an inverted front shock for sporty performance in the corners, while the rear has an adjustable mid-shot single-shock from the Thai brand YSS. The classic vintage one-piece leather saddle has an upturned rear to provide some lumbar support and the seat height is only 730mm, so most girls will be able to ride it well. The rear seat hump can be removed to create a double seat, but due to the short size of the rear seat, it is not suitable for long distance double cabs. The RACER 200 is currently available in red and black and is priced at around RMB 25,000 for export to Japan and around 20,000 for Thailand.

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