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Five reasons to choose Android over iOS for app development

by M Asim

Android vs. iOS is an everlasting debate, and every business is seeking to develop an app that works perfectly for their business optimization—providing a platform to your customers with better engaging applications that don’t ruin the whole concept of a good-performing app. Android and iOS are two powerful and popular platforms used globally by active users. While we consider users and customers on the operating hand, developers are eager to find the best platform for their applications.

Android has over 3 billion active users, including a wide range of smartphone users. Android is the largest-selling mobile device, with 70.77% of users worldwide. On the other hand, IOS has a total market share of 28.52%. Both platforms hold a high-selling stage, and choosing users can be tough. The estimated number of active users on both of these platforms contains a good number of numbers. However, mobile app development companies make Android their first choice to begin their business with. They are offering additional features and profits for mobile app development companies. 

What differentiates these two platforms? 

When two different platforms build up competition with one another, businesses and developers tend to find the pros and cons of Android and iOS. Although iOS is a popular platform and shares a global market, developers prefer Android, which offers a range of benefits and becomes a better and more convenient choice. Let’s break down some benefits of Android and iOS in mobile app development. 

What does Android offer for App Developers?

  • Android is an open-source platform that allows for more customization. With their range of features, Android app development services offer the source code for device production, making it easier for mobile app developers. 
  • Android app developers profit from effortless operating services and barely cost you any. You can access budget-friendly app development through Google App Developer.
  • You get access to IoT. You can connect to different devices, and IoT app development service allows users to manage their smart devices from anywhere and anytime. This will enable you to build an IoT-based application.
  • Easy customization is one of the best features of Android for app developers. 

What does iOS Offer for App Developers?

  • iOS works faster and more conveniently. An iOS app development company offers the Swift language, which is mainly used for iOS app development, and the coding process doesn’t require much. It takes less time and has a faster development process. 
  • Less device fragmentation, which results in more manufacturers, helps maintain a better user experience. 
  • iOS has a more well-organized updating procedure because everything is firmly controlled.
  • According to its programming language, iOS has a faster development time and a healthier user experience designed with simplicity, ease, and sophistication.  

While we discuss all the benefits and pros of Android and iOS, it is a tough challenge for mobile app developers seeking high-profile assistance and functioning programs. For beginners, it could be either a ground-breaking decision to make or questionable. To make your app established and available on all platforms, the following are the reasons to choose Android over iOS for app development:

Reason #1: Customization 

Android is an open platform and an easy way to customize your app. To make your app according to your preferences, Android wins over iOS. Android users can choose from various layouts, home screens, widgets, and application icons and customize their platform with multiple choices and features. You can always stand out your app to third-party apps like Google Play Store, which globally has many active users and installers. You get to have more flexible options. iOS is a limited platform with limited options for its application’s personalized options. 

Reason #02: Cost-Effective 

Android gives you an easy hand with cost; meanwhile, iOS costs you more than 80 dollars per year. iOS developers are limited to having access to Macs, which is also an extra burden. Android requires a Google app developer, which is less than compared to iOS. With budget-friendly development, you can customize and publish your application on multiple platforms. Budget will be a top concern for you and your team as you develop an app, so why not choose a wiser one? 

Reason #03:  Publishing Procedure 

While developing an app, iOS can benefit you with easier and faster development. Still, in the publishing procedure, Android takes the cake for making your application available in third-party apps. Google is a widely used platform. iOS can take much of your time with its publishing procedures; meanwhile, Android application development could upload and publish your app easily. 

Reason #04: Open Source  

The major reason for choosing Android is its open-source platform, which helps you develop an app with any idea or preference. What separates Android from iOS is its better app development source and an open platform for all developers. Android is your best bet if you are looking for mobile game app development.

Android offers extraordinary and easy support to engineers for building mobile game applications. With Android app development, you can run a wide range of games with better equipment and graphics. This is an inclusive opportunity for mobile app developers to build an app with any idea and publish the app on the Google Play Store with Android app development facilities.

Reason #05: Extendible Storage 

Android remains one more step ahead in terms of storage advantages. Other than iOS, which offers a fixed storage quantity, Android offers a huge storage support system that grasps all your needs and gives you access to more files, photos, videos, documents, and apps without having to worry about running out of storage. 

Android offers a micro-SD card which gives you access to additional storage and easy access. It expands your storage system, manages all your data and system, and keeps your smartphone updated with all Android’s new features. 

In Closing 

This article states and covers all your worries about developing a mobile application on the perfect platform possible. Android stays ahead of the curve by providing enough resources and advantages for all mobile app developers, from gaming applications to businesses and various concepts. It would be best to have an open-source platform and good publishing strategies with better graphics management storage systems to develop an app that doesn’t cost you more than it should or limit your access to third-party applications. The mobile app development business is growing vastly, and to make you an exception and separate from all, choose a wiser one.

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