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Everything that You Need to Know About an Electric Vehicle

by Eddy Smith

In Australia, there is a growing trend of electric vehicles in the last couple of years. Electric vehicles are in constant demand and since Elon Musk has been very aggressively marketing his own electric vehicle company that is Tesla, the demand is gaining a new peak with time. Electric vehicles have a lot of add-on benefits when compared with conventional vehicles. 

The first time an electric vehicle ran on the roads was in the 1800s, but since the availability of charging stations was significantly lower than the stations for gas, gas-run vehicles dominated the market and to date, we see the roads deluged with gas-run vehicles. However, the tides have shifted in favour of Electric vehicles today. 

In the next few years, electric vehicles are expected to rise exponentially. If you too have an electric vehicle or are planning to buy one, then the EV Charging Essentials Bundle 7kW by JUCER is an indispensable commodity for you. JUCER is an Australian company which has the expertise in offering top-quality EV charging accessories for BEVs and PHEVs. 

They offer a wide range of Electric vehicle charging technology products to help their customers get the most from their vehicles. The products that they sell give you the freedom to explore the world, almost without limits. They aim to make our products and services easier to transition to electric.

Working with the electric vehicles

When we talk about fuel-run engines, they get their energy for running from the combustion that occurs in the engines of the car after burning the fuel. This combustion is the source of energy for these vehicles. However, when we talk about electric vehicles, their case is different as they get the energy from batteries, which act as a reservoir of power for them. 

The batteries of electric vehicles are like the bigger and buffed-up versions of the lithium-ion batteries in your phone. However, unlike phones and other devices, these cars are not reliant on a single battery. On the contrary, they use multiple thousands of batteries together working in tandem. 

As the car gets charged, the electric charge makes changes to the composition and charges the batteries. As the car caresses the surface of the road, the changes made while charging are reversed and the motion in the car is created. The batteries discharge when the car is driven on the road. When the car is frequently charged and discharged, the capacity of the batteries takes a toll. 

This means that with time and use, the amount of charge that the batteries can hold decreases and this is why you are required to change the batteries with time. According to the predictions, the batteries of an electric car should conveniently work smoothly for at least 10-20 years. A majority of the manufacturers offer a warranty of 8 years on the batteries of the car. 


Electric cars are the future of the automobile industry and it is best that you to adopt to this impending and inevitable change. 

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