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Doesc buy Listeners Option Work for People Trying to Get More Popularity?

by John

There are a lot of artists that release different types and genres of music, but what each and every one of them aims for is more popularity among fans and listeners. Some get that fame fast, but some have to wait a long time for it. Others never quite achieve that, and they just remain stars that no one notices. 

But as they say, there is a solution to everything. So does this problem of artists’ have one? Yes, artists have the option to buy listeners from third-party sources in order to increase their listeners and followers. Let’s look into that detail more and see whether you can achieve popularity with these listeners or not.

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Spotify: The Music Streaming App

Since its release in 2006, Spotify has been immensely popular among music listeners. With over 400 million songs and podcasts available, you can listen to your favorite song with a single tap of your finger. All the features have been enhanced in the premium version of the app, where you have to pay money to avoid ads.

Some songs are immensely popular here while barely getting noticed. What these artists can do is buy listeners by paying money. These can be achieved through the purchase of Spotify ads, ads from Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform where the users have a similar interest in your music. These platforms’ ads introduce your music to users, and if they like it, they will check out your music, increasing your reach.

Another way is to buy the listeners and followers from third-party sources. Though this method is strictly against the user policy of Spotify, where there are chances of an artist’s account getting flagged or banned, if you buy these listeners from reliable and trusted sources, where the gradual increase in your listeners does not get noticed by Spotify, you can achieve the target for what you paid your money for. 

Does Spotify’s Buy Listeners Work for People Trying to Get More Popularity?

After looking at how and where to buy those listeners, the question arises: does this increase your popularity? The answer to this depends on where you bought your listeners from. For example – if you bought your listeners from a site that was not careful enough while increasing your listeners and got caught by Spotify, then there will be more dangerous than good. But if you bought your listeners from a trusted and professional site, then you might be safe.

Now, if you have an increased number of listeners, then more people will see that your music is famous, and then they will also listen to it. If more and more people listen to your music, it will increase your real-time listeners, making it popular and getting you on an automatic playlist by Spotify.

But this might not be the case every time you buy listeners from a third party site.. If your number of streams looks suspicious, then the users might not even check your music, and you will not get famous.


As we saw, it is very important to buy 5K spotify monthly listeners from a reliable and trusted source. Otherwise, you won’t get the value for your money and will end up wasting it. Make sure that the source has enough credibility, and double-check everything. If you are aware enough, then you are all set to become popular with your music.

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