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Do Not Enter Signs: Ensuring Restricted Area Safety

by William

The iconic symbols recognized as “Do Not Enter Signs” hold a huge significance in commercial workplaces that are highly sensitive to severe risks. With the help of easily understandable graphics the “Do Not Enter” sign conveys the strict warning of “not approaching the risky areas”. 

All the danger zones and restricted areas must be equipped with the ‘bright, bold and large’ depiction of “Do Not Enter Signs” to reduce the chances and severity of massive collapse at a worksite. 

In this article, we’ll learn about the uses, perfect placement of signs, their impact on employees & work management and tips to make them more beneficial etc in a detailed manner. 

What are the major advantages of installing “Do Not Enter Signs” at required workplaces? 

These specifically designed signs are used for various situations but the sole purpose of their implementation is to prevent the common passerby and unauthorized employees from entering a restricted zone. 

Here are the prime benefits that a workplace can achieve after placing “Do not enter sign” at proper locations. 

  • These signs not only keep the workers and public away from the reach of danger but also help in securing confidential data. By placing a ‘Do not enter sign’, only authorized people can access the specific areas where risky equipment or data is stored. 
  • Mishandling highly sensitive equipment or material can cause severe damage to the workplace as well as the manpower deployed there. However, placing “Do not enter signs” can indicate or warn unaware people to touch or enter the locations where such items are kept. 
  • Do not enter signs also play a huge role in the smooth management of a work site. These signs can restrict the workers from taking wrong passages and unnecessary gathering in sensitive areas. It further leads to a quick boost in the work productivity and efficiency of a workplace. 
  • The “Do not enter signs” are also used to lessen or completely avoid the collisions of the vehicles on the roads and pathways. Passersby can avoid the danger on/off ramps, narrow paths and wrong turns after seeing the sign ‘Do not enter’.
  • Apart from all the key purposes, these specifically designed graphics develop a sense of awareness in the public. It also ensures the management team about the security of the property, certain areas and other documents etc. 

Which are the ideal locations for placing “Do Not Enter” signs? 

1. On Roads

For smooth traffic management and guiding vehicles in avoiding dangerous routes, ramps, and rough paths, the “Do not enter” signs are fixed on the road safety sign boards. These signs are also placed on the locations where heavy vehicles are not allowed to enter. 

2. In the industries and manufacturing units – 

Nearly all industrial areas remain highly prone to sudden massive accidents. Even a slight glitch, mishandling and miscommunication can cause severe damage to the workplace and employees. Hence proper placing of “Do not enter” signs warns the workers to avoid restricted and risky areas. 

3. For the safety of Data – 

These symbols or graphics can also be installed at the office areas where confidential data is kept safely. By reading the ‘Do not enter’ sign, the unauthorized employee will not approach such areas at a workplace. 

4. Areas where livestock are kept – 

Do not enter signs to ensure the safety of people from giant and dangerous animals. The specific places where livestock are kept must be equipped with warning signs “do not enter” to keep the people away. 

Some tips to follow while installing the “Do not enter” signs appropriately – 

A simple installation of these warning signs can not bring the required effectiveness to the worksite. Here are some noteworthy points that enhance the worth and power of “Do Not Enter” graphics and make them more fruitful for the employees. 

  • Location is the key factor – These signs should be installed at a place that is easily visible from all angles. Placing them in a corner, dimly lighted areas and at a low height etc will not convey the warning message to the viewers at the right time. 
  • No obstacle in the view – Any obstacle causing hindrance in viewing the ‘Do not enter sign can result in a collision and another unfavorable outcome. Therefore while placing them, one must ensure that no overgrown trees, tall buildings or other boards are blocking the view of this essential warning graphic. 
  • Font of the sign – The signs should be available in large and bold fonts. Along with it, the sign boards having a “Do not enter” message should have the quality of reflection during low light visibility. With the help of the reflective feature, passersby can understand the sign and the warning conveyed by it. 
  • Consistent upgradation – Due to being crucial to the safety of workers and the public, the authorities or safety teams should keep the sign boards updated. Frequent mending and changing are required as the sign boards can get damaged or fade after a certain period. 

What not to do while installing the ‘Do not Enter’ signs at a highly risk-associated worksite? 

The signs and boards that indicate the danger and make people aware of ‘not entering’ a specific area are a legal requirement of the workplace. 

Hence while installing them, the authorities of any business and industry should keep the below-mentioned points. 

  • Do not place an ‘easily removable’ sign board especially when it is conveying a warning to the workers or the public. Someone with ill intent can mislead the workers by removing the signboard stating ‘Do Not Enter’. 
  • Do not miss organizing ‘learning sessions’ for the employees to understand the importance of these graphics. Also, provide them with knowledge regarding the immediate steps taken after viewing the ‘Do not enter’ sign. 
  • Do not use these signs as a substitute for any other safety sign. It can deliver misinformation to the workers and cause severe damage to the workplace as well as human beings. 
  • Do not place the ‘ Do not enter’ sign at a mildly risky location. It can lessen the significance of this crucial safety sign among the employees and the public. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

Q – What does a ‘Do not enter’ safety sign mean? 

A – This safety sign keeps the people away from the life-threatening locations and equipment by stating not to approach these places. 

Q – What is the other name of the ‘do not enter’ sign? 

A – It is also commonly known as a “restricted area sign’. 

Q – What message or warning is conveyed by the restricted area sign? 

A – It warns the general people to not visit the places where a ‘do not enter’ sign board is placed. 

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