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Different types of watches for men 

by John

A classic yet portable timepiece worn by a person is referred to as a watch. The development of watches started in the 17th century. It was then considered an oscillating balance wheel keeping up with the time. Those were known as mechanical watches. After the 1960s there was the invention of quartz watches. That was an iconic era called the quartz revolution. The quartz watches were operated by a battery with vibrating quartz crystal. Developments of watches continued for decades leading to the invention of different kinds of watches. 

In today’s world, watches are not only for convenience but also to define one’s personality. Every person looks for an appropriate watch for each outfit. WatchShopping is the place where you get watches according to your specific preference. Also, WatchShopping discount codes are just cherry on the top. 

Every man has this ultimate desire to have his own watch collection. From trendy to classy, he wants every watch that is the talk of the town. A watch in an outfit is not optional but mandatory. So for all the men out there, the WatchShopping sale is the one you need to check out. Here you will get a huge variety of all types of watches. 

There are different kinds of watches available out there. Given below are some of the must-have watches for your collection. 

Analogue watch 

A watch with a traditional clock face is known as an analogue watch. These types of watches do not have a digital display and are used from much older times. They have a special feature which can be used to locate north and south directions.

Therefore, analogue watches and the sun may be used as a compass. 

These kinds of watches can never go out of trend. WatchShopping sites have a huge range of analogue watches with great brands. Also, WatchShopping offers huge discounts for affordable prices. 

Digital watch 

A watch which indicates hours, minutes or even seconds in a digital display is referred to as a digital watch. They do not have hands on the dial like analogue watches. It also has a combined feature of a stopwatch. The kids’ watches generally prefer this edition. They also go with the latest trendy men’s watches. Many companies have designed such watches with an amazing range of collections. 

WatchShopping is the platform where you find all of them. Not to forget, do look for WatchShopping promo codes at their latest stock. 

Chronograph watch 

A specific type of watch that has a stopwatch combined with an analogue watch. A complicated chronological watch has a minute and seconds sub-dial to measure each fraction of time. This type of watch was first invented in the 19th century to track astronomical objects. In recent years, they are used in racing, driving and also in aircraft. 

A chronograph watch enhances your outfit with a touch of a subtle and classy look. You can wear them to work space or a formal party. To get branded affordable chronograph watches, grab the latest WatchShopping coupon codes and buy your favourite one. 

Hybrid watch 

We often refer to the term hybrid as fusion or a mix of features. Similarly, an analogue watch with a smart function is termed a hybrid watch. They have traditional looks with hidden functions. They help us to track our day-to-day activities. These include sleep rhythm, notifications or even phone calls. Some of the latest hybrids watches also come with a feature of a step counter or a music player. In recent years, their demands have increased in enormous amounts. 

The Proozy site has got you a wide range of these watches. This season, there are numerous Proozy deals according to your liking. 


A wearable smartphone transformed into a watch is called a smartwatch. With a feature touchscreen and all mobile applications, this is what the modern generation needs. They have all functions such as phone calls, messages, Bluetooth/wifi connectivity or even FM radio. Some of the latest models also include digital maps, creative organisers and GPS trackers. 

These types of watches are mostly required by office workers. This device helps them to organise their daily schedule. 

This Christmas, give your man a suitable watch per his taste. Do visit the WatchShopping website and don’t miss WatchShopping coupons to get great Christmas offers. 

Fitness band 

This is an all-new device trending everywhere. This watch is designed to keep a track of all your physical fitness. It keeps a check on your heart rate, oxygen level, step counts and even calorie intake. This is a self-tracking watch to make you have a healthier diet, better sleep and a positive lifestyle. 

Nowadays we all tend to neglect our health but a fitness watch helps you to stick to your healthy lifestyle. These fitness bands are highly used by gym freaks. They come in different colours, styles and much more. 

Also this new season, the WatchShopping shopping site is launching an all-new collection of watches.

Field watch 

A highly reputed watch exclusively designed to perform well under tough circumstances. These watches are mostly used by the military and armed forces. This is because it has features such as an anti-glare dial to avoid reflection by sunlight. Also, digits are written in bold white which helps to read them quickly. They are designed with a stainless steel dial and leather strap to tolerate extreme weather conditions. 

Tactile watch

Specially abled people use these kinds of watches. These were designed for a person with blind vision. They tell the time without looking at it. These are very accurate and reliable and help such people to feel independent. 

Casual watch 

 We all need a go-to watch for everyday casual outfits. These watches should be stylish yet durable to wear every day. For a long day out with friends or a midnight long drive in pyjamas, these watches never go out of style and comfort. 

WatchShopping has the latest and wide collection of casual watches which you should not miss out on.  

So from now onwards,  always style a perfect watch with your outfit and make a charming appearance. Also, visit the WatchShopping website and never miss any of their sales. 

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