Designing Your Book or Hiring a Premade Book Cover Designer

Fair warning, you’re going to receive assistance in creating your cover from someone who is a genius artist of an Slug. In fact, such are my skills in this particular area that numerous snails have written to say that my opinion does not reflect their artistic skills. It must also be noted that you’ll receive PowerPoint tips from someone who’s not really proficient using PowerPoint particularly its Windows version.
Why am I doing this? Because I am able obviously and also because I’m trying to prove that anyone with my utter lack of skills can put together an excellent ebook cover in only a couple of minutes and with the least amount of effort. If I can do it and you can, then you too could. I’m planning to utilize the cover I designed here to promote My ebook of the short sword and magic story, Henchmen. So I’ll put the money in my pocket.

What is the reason for PowerPoint isn’t Photoshop or GIMP or one of a dozen other powerful applications designed to manipulate images? Since the last time I utilized Photoshop was more than 15 years ago, and I’m not interested in learning the basics of using it once more. It also costs hundreds of dollars. In the near future, I want to master the GIMP however I haven’t completed it yet. The chances of me writing an informative article that demonstrates how to use an image editor are essentially zero. However I do know how to create PowerPoint work, and PowerPoint is a program that the majority of us can obtain relatively affordable. It’s the most basic component that Microsoft’s Office Suite. This being said, the more powerful software is too much. You can also hire Digiart book cover website for premade book cover.

If you know how to utilize any image-editing software you can to do it with my permission. If you already know how to make use of Photoshop as well as The Gimp you probably don’t require me to explain how to design an individual cover. This post is intended for those with no knowledge of the procedure.

Before we get started with the next step, we’ll have to think about the image you’re planning to utilize. It must be appropriate to the book as well as appealing to the eye of the reader. Rights to images can be an issue in the legal realm. If you are using your own pictures and have individuals appear in the images, you have to get the permission of the person who appears in the image. This is also the case for specific buildings and works art.

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