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Dented Feels Tangible Tuesday A Custom Made Toy

by John

Dented feels NFT does weekly giveaways and contests for their NFT holders. Owning a Dented Feels NFT gives community members exclusive access to prizes gifts and merchandise all of which shows of their Dented feels NFT. Many of these items are custom made for the holder based on their own NFTs. This week’s Tangible Tuesday was a partnership with gg Toy Company where three luck NFT holders get their choice of Dented Feels NFT they own turned into a physical toy.

Dented Feels NFT is An emotional NFT collection of 11,111 created by Dentin incorporating all the moods and seasons 😶🌤 Created by feelings, for the everyday dreamer 💭.
gg Toy Company is an art toy creation company that works on designing and producing toys for clients and partners. They also collect NFTs and create toys of the NFTs they own.

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