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Dental insurance: types, which is the best and opinions

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Dental insurance is a complementary alternative to the services offered by Public Health. Although it is true that many health insurances already include the dental guarantee among their coverage, the number of treatments that they incorporate are reduce, hence the importance of contracting a specific dental policy.

Characteristics of dental insurance

  • You can find different types, some individual and others more family-oriented
  • Its price is not usually very high, you can buy it from approximately €5-20/month
  • They include coverage aimed at both prevention and resolution of oral problems (orthodontics, emergencies, implants, etc.)

Dental insurance coverage

As we have already anticipated, each dental policy includes a greater or lesser number of guarantees, but in order to be classified as good, it must include at least these coverages:

  • Preventive dentistry: indicated to prevent various oral problems. Includes annual review and cleaning, fluoridation and sealing of fissures
  • Conservative dentistry: the most characteristic of this coverage is the annual draw, but it also includes other services and treatments at a lower price
  • Surgical dentistry or extractions of both teeth and wisdom teeth. Treatment includes tests, anesthesia and removal of stitches
  • Diagnostic tests necessary to detect possible oral problems. Among them, the most common is radiography.
  • Orthodontics and implants: both bridges and crowns. It covers both the implant study and maintenance. This coverage is usually include in the most comprehensive policies; in the most basic ones it is usually offer at a lower price
  • Both fixed and removable prostheses. This coverage is usually include in the most comprehensive policies; in the most basic at a lower price
  • Aesthetic treatments, such as whitening. They usually cost much less money if you buy dental insurance

Advantages of having dental insurance

  • Early prevention: allows detecting and correcting oral problems that can lead to severe dental diseases, falling pieces, etc.
  • Considerable savings on treatments: if, for example, you have small children, you will save a good amount of money on revisions and imperfection correction services
  • Emergencies and access to a complete medical list: waiting lists are drastically reduce. You also have access to renowned clinics with a wide medical chart
  • Better aesthetics: in the end, the teeth and their care reflect the importance that a person has for their image. A perfect set of teeth increases, for example, the possibilities of getting a job

Types of dental insurance

Although the different types of dental insurance are not as defined as car insurance (third party, extended third party and comprehensive), you can find different modalities depending on the level of protection and the dental services you need:

  • Basic: they have preventive treatments such as annual cleaning, maintenance and fluoridation in the case of the smallest. In addition to this, diagnosis, radiology and emergency services are also usually include.
  • Medium-Advanced: the number of treatments included grows significantly, such as orthodontic surgeries or Dental CT scans, among others

What is the best dental insurance?

Answering the question of which is the best dental insurance is complicate, in the end it all depends on your needs and how many times you will need a service of these characteristics. Broadly speaking, good dental insurance is one that:

  • It has a large number of concerted centers and a complete medical team, made up of expert professionals in different dental areas.
  • They include a multitude of treatments at no extra cost
  • copays are low


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