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Creative Slip and Slide Activities for Adults

by William

Slip and slides aren’t just for kids—they can be a fantastic source of entertainment for adults as well. To make your slip and slide party even more memorable, consider incorporating some creative activities that add an extra layer of fun. Here are some exciting ideas to elevate your slip and slide experience.

1. Slip and Slide Races

Single-Lane Sprints

  • Setup: Use a single slip and slide lane.
  • Objective: Two participants race down the slide to see who reaches the end first.
  • Tip: Use a whistle or countdown for a synchronized start.

Multi-Lane Challenges

  • Setup: Use a multi-lane slip and slide.
  • Objective: Up to three participants race simultaneously. The first to the end wins.
  • Enhancement: Add a splash pool at the end for a fun finish.

2. Obstacle Course

Inflatable Obstacles

  • Setup: Place inflatable rings, pool noodles, or other obstacles along the slide.
  • Objective: Participants must navigate through or over the obstacles as they slide.
  • Challenge Level: Increase the number or complexity of obstacles for added difficulty.

Timed Courses

  • Setup: Create a course with various obstacles.
  • Objective: Time each participant and see who completes the course the fastest.
  • Variation: Introduce penalties for knocking over obstacles to increase competitiveness.

3. Slip and Slide Bowling

DIY Bowling Pins

  • Setup: Use empty plastic bottles filled with a little water or sand as bowling pins at the end of the slide.
  • Objective: Participants slide down and try to knock over as many pins as possible.
  • Scoring: Keep track of points for a friendly competition.

Inflatable Bowling Set

  • Setup: Use a store-bought inflatable bowling set.
  • Objective: Similar to DIY, but with a more polished look.
  • Enhancement: Add lights or glow-in-the-dark elements for nighttime play.

4. Relay Races

Team Relays

  • Setup: Divide participants into teams.
  • Objective: Each team member slides down, runs back, and tags the next person. The first team to have all members slide wins.
  • Variation: Add obstacles or tasks to complete before tagging the next person.

Obstacle Relays

  • Setup: Combine the obstacle course with relay races.
  • Objective: Each team member must navigate obstacles before tagging the next person.
  • Enhancement: Use a timer to track the fastest team.

5. Costume Sliding

Themed Slides

  • Setup: Choose a theme (e.g., superheroes, tropical, 80s).
  • Objective: Participants slide while dressed in costumes matching the theme.
  • Prizes: Award prizes for the best costumes, fastest sliders, and most creative outfits.

Holiday-Themed Slides

  • Setup: Choose holiday themes like Halloween or Christmas.
  • Objective: Dress in holiday-themed costumes and slide.
  • Enhancement: Decorate the slide area to match the theme.

6. Slip and Slide Tug-of-War

Center Line Tug

  • Setup: Place a rope across the center of the slip and slide.
  • Objective: Teams pull the rope to drag the opposing team onto the slide.
  • Safety: Ensure the rope is safe and participants have a good grip to prevent injuries.

Team Variations

  • Setup: Vary team sizes to adjust difficulty.
  • Objective: Test different team configurations for more fun.
  • Enhancement: Use soapy water to increase slipperiness.

7. Water Balloon Dodgeball

Sliding Dodgeball

  • Setup: Participants slide while dodging water balloons thrown by others.
  • Objective: Avoid getting hit by the balloons while sliding to the end.
  • Safety: Use soft, water-filled balloons to avoid injuries.

Team Dodgeball

  • Setup: Divide into teams.
  • Objective: One team slides while the other throws balloons, then switch roles.
  • Scoring: Keep score based on hits and successful slides.

8. Slip and Slide Target Practice

Floating Targets

  • Setup: Place floating targets (like inflatable rings) on the slide.
  • Objective: Participants try to slide through or hit the targets.
  • Scoring: Assign points for each successful hit or pass through.

Stationary Targets

  • Setup: Place stationary targets along the slide.
  • Objective: Hit or slide through the targets.
  • Enhancement: Use targets of varying sizes for different point values.

9. Glow-in-the-Dark Sliding

LED Lights

  • Setup: Line the slide with waterproof LED lights.
  • Objective: Create a unique nighttime sliding experience.
  • Enhancement: Use glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark paint.

Glow Gear

  • Setup: Provide glow-in-the-dark accessories like bracelets and necklaces.
  • Objective: Slide while glowing for a visually stunning effect.
  • Safety: Ensure the area is well-lit enough to prevent accidents.

10. Slip and Slide Soccer

Soccer Goals

  • Setup: Place inflatable or portable soccer goals at each end of the slide.
  • Objective: Slide down and try to score a goal by kicking a soft soccer ball.
  • Team Play: Play in teams for added fun.

Sliding Goalkeeper

  • Setup: One participant acts as the goalkeeper, trying to block goals while sliding.
  • Objective: Combine sliding skills with soccer for an entertaining twist.


Incorporating these creative slip and slide activities can transform a simple backyard water slide into an exciting and memorable event. Whether it’s competitive races, themed sliding, or unique games like slip and slide bowling, these activities ensure that everyone has a fantastic time. So, gather your friends, set up your slip and slide, and get ready for a day of thrilling summer fun!

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