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Common Reasons Why Your Linksys Wireless Extender is Not Working

by M Asim

In case your Linksys Wireless Extender model is not in the mood to work, it could be due to false attempt to set it up. Perhaps, you are attempting to set it up via instead of its default IP address, that is, Taking this into consideration, check in case using the correct IP address helps you to set up the device with ease and make it work.

Though it will, on the off chance, it does not, you ought to walk through the troubleshooting solutions highlighted in this article and resolve the issue in a matter of minutes.

Ways to Get Linksys Wireless Extender on Track

Check the Extender-Router Connection

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done from your end is to check the connection between the Linksys extender and the host router. In case it is weak, it could be due to a damaged Ethernet cable. Thus, replace the damaged cable with a new one. Once you get your hands on a new cable, connect its one end to the extender and another to the router.

Once done, check whether the Linksys extender not working issue has been resolved. We are expecting for the best to happen. On the off chance, it does not, keep reading this post.

Change the Linksys Wireless Extender Location

The second troubleshooting solution using which the issue at hand can be resolved is by relocating your Linksys extender and ensuring that it is not placed anywhere near washing machines, treadmills, and televisions. To name a few more examples, cordless phones, and microwave ovens are also not good for the health of your device.

Along with this, do not keep the WiFi range extender or the host router for that matter near reflexive surfaces and metal objects like mirrors, fish tanks, glasses, and aluminum studs.

Replace the Damaged Electrical Socket

Though many users have achieved success after reading the last two techniques, given you are reading this solution, it means that the same is not the situation for you. In that case, you ought to check the wall socket that has been assigned the duty to supply power to your networking device. If, it is damaged, then you ought to call an electrician.

In case the electrician says that the socket is beyond repair, then you should not wait any more before plugging your device into another socket. Ensure that it is not short-circuited.

Bring the Linksys Wireless Extender Devices a Bit Closer

Too much distance between the extender and router can make signal expansion next to impossible as the extender will face difficulty in receiving signals from the wireless router. To prevent this from happening any further, it is suggested that you reduce the unwanted distance between the WiFi devices. But, remember what is written in the next section.

Do not keep the extender and router too close to each other as this will force their signals to clash thereby becoming the reason why you face more technical issues in the future.

Get the Existing Device Model Replaced

Have you considered the possibility that something might be messed up with your Linksys extender which might be preventing it from functioning well? No? Well then, you ought to do so now and step out to get a replacement of the same. Know that getting your device replaced is possible only if it is under warranty or else you will have to buy a new one.

Out of hundred, if there is even one percent chance that you will buy a new WiFi range extender, opt for the MSRM brand and execute the MSRM WiFi extender setup process.

To Conclude

We are concluding this article with the hope that you will be able to make your Linksys wireless range extender work now. If you do, why don’t you consider grabbing this chance and sharing what you have to say about the same with your fellow readers? Interested? Yes? Well then, make use of the comment section located at the bottom of the post.

It is the perfect platform or community to leave not just a few words of appreciation. But also the discovered tips through which similar technical issues can be fixed easily.

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