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Combat in Lightsabre? Learn the Basics

by Uneeb Khan

Star Wars fans? Well, undoubtedly, you must be a lightsaber enthusiast in that case. But what about the lightsabers, dark sabers, and their colors that exist throughout the canon? Are you sure to name each one? First, look at the types of lightsabers that appear in the Star Wars series and anime.

Types of Lightsabers

Many wonderful lightsabers are introduced throughout the Star Wars legacy. There are Sith Lightsabers, Great Lightsabers, Training Lightsabers, Curved lIghtsabers, Light Whips, and much more.

 More about Double-Bladed Lightsaber

The double-bladed or double edged lightsaber has a handle with blades coming out of both ends, making it a deadly club-like weapon. It happens to be one of the most famed lightsabers in the Star Wars Universe. 

You can also find a type of blaster called a lightsaber attached to a lightsaber. The owners must introduce a standard license at the top of the gun to use this. When it is fully loaded, this weapon shoots powerful catastrophic energy. Traditional lightsabers also inspire new lightsabers, but with unique features and upgrades.

So you know the many types of lightsabers and dark sabers. But what about being proficient in using it? Before you start practicing your swings, you must know about the many combat styles. So let’s look at the different lightsaber battles you need to master.

Types of Lightsaber Combat

A lightsaber fight occurs when two or more opponents use a lightsaber or when one uses a lightsaber and the other uses another weapon with different blades and blades. These enemies of the Star Wars series are mainly the Sith and the Jedi. There are generally seven types of lightsaber battles in Star Wars, anime, and other lightsaber movies.

  • Type 1

Shiatsu is generally considered one of the original traditional forms. Let it sound brutal and aggressive, but it is very effective.

  • Type 2

Makashi is a highly refined fighting form intended for experienced duelists. It is a precise, controlled strike, not a powerful one.

  • Type 3

The third form of Soresu was probably created due to the increased number of explosions in the galaxy.

  • Type 4

 Ataru is considered one of the most aggressive types of power acrobatics.

  • Type 5

Anakin Skywalker’s preferred form is the V-form. This exercise was developed by Soresu’s form specialists, who recognized the need for more attacks.

  • Type 6

Niman is usually seen as a collection of earlier forms. It was the last form of consciousness to balance the forces.

  • Type 7

Vaapad is a force that a Jedi can use to absorb emotions and make unstoppable attacks. So now that you know the different forms, it’s time to wake up, get a powerful lightsaber at artsabers.com and start training.

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