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Citroen – All Auto Background Quantity 18

CITROEN is a pioneering car maker, with a long line of Mercedes Sprinter Wing Mirror Replacement , innovative layouts as well as a custom of engineering excellence and technology. The world’s first front-wheel drive cars and truck, the Grip Avant, was thanks to CITROEN. Probably the business’s most acknowledged cars and truck of perpetuity is the 2CV, which happened considered an automotive icon.

CITROEN’s current plant includes the C1, C2, C3, C4, C4 Picasso as well as Picasso, with new models such as the C6, which replaced the XM.


In 1914, André CITROEN established a business that made Peugeot Boxer Parts Ireland for the war. This venture proved to be a success, as well as by the 1920s the firm came to be referred to as CITROEN.

The business stunned the globe in 1934 with the Grip Avant, a revolutionary cars and truck with features such as front wheel drive. In 1934, CITROEN was taken over by Michelin tire business and in 1976, CITROEN entered into PSA Peugeot CITROEN.


Kind: Subsidiary of PSA Peugeot CITROEN.

Established: 1919.

Headquarters: Paris, France.

Industry: Automotive.

Products: Cars and trucks.


Citroen C2 – the very first CITROEN with a Quit & Start environmental system, and also five rate semi-automatic transmission.

Citroen C3 – a bigger family friendly auto, the C3 has 5 doors and also is a “supermini” meant to replace the Citroen Saxo.

Citroen C4 – a tiny family cars and truck created since 2004. The C4 was designed to be the follower to the Citroen.

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