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Choosing Lead Free PCB Material

by Uneeb Khan

Choosing Lead Free PCB Material

In this article, we will talk about “Lead Free PCB Material” for Lead Free PCB Assembly. If you favor to understand similarly about it then you are at the proper place. Read this article cautiously and get beneficial records for your subsequent PCB project.

Selecting lead-free PCB manufacturing substances or rather, those that comply with the RoHS Directive additionally requires thinking about the functionality of the cloth to face up to excessive temperatures, and the compatibility of solder and PCB pad coatings. The important goal of the RoHS Directive is to restrict the utilize of cadmium, mercury, polybrominated biphenyls, hexavalent chromium, and polybrominated biphenyl ethers in constrained awareness levels.

What are the characteristics of Lead Free PCB material?

PCB substances that comply with the RoHS Directives cannot utilize ordinary solder paste made with Lead and Tin alloy. They need to always bear a soldering manner that makes utilize of Lead-free solder paste. As this technique requires the PCB to endure soldering at excessive temperatures, the fundamental PCB cloth has to continue to be steady at these temperatures.

Therefore, the lead-free PCB cloth should specifically have an excessive glass transition temperature, and an excessive PCB decomposition temperature, alongside a low thermal enlargement coefficient. Other necessities for the PCB fabric are accurate electrical residences such as low dielectric loss, low dielectric constant, excessive insulation resistance, low water absorption, and most importantly low cost.

How to pick out the lead-free PCB cloth for Lead free PCB Assembly and Manufacturing

A complicated product normally wants a superior lead-free PCB with substances that fulfill the above characteristics. As the complexity of the product increases, the PCB will additionally have a large floor area, a larger wide variety of layers, and a large range of components. In addition, the excellence of the board should additionally be high. Therefore, engineers have some thumb guidelines when deciding on substances for a lead-free PCB.

For accepted digital products, utilize lead-free FR-4 epoxy glass fiber substrate

1 Utilize lead-free excessive Tg FR-4 cloth (150-170 °C) for complicated digital products,

2 Utilize lead-free FR-5 material for high-reliability digital products

3 Utilize lead-free CEM-1 and CEM-3 materials for low-cost digital products

4 Utilize Polyimide glass fiber substrate for high-temperature or bendy circuits

5 Utilize steel substrates for high-reliability circuit boards requiring high-heat dissipation,

6 Utilize Teflon glass fiber substrates for high-frequency circuit boards

What is the cloth for Lead Free PCB?

Standard Material

  • Polyclad
  • 370HR
  • Iteq IT-180TC
  • Isola IS410

Low Loss Material

  • Polyclad Getek
  • Isola FR408
  • Isola FR415

Ultra Low Loss Material

  • Nelco-13SI
  • Polyclad 621
  • Isola IS620
  • Rogers RO4350

Facts about Lead Free PCB Assembly

  • There is no drop in substitute for Sn63/Pb 37
  • Higher processing temperatures are required
  • 200 C to 400C higher
  • Narrower reflow procedure window
  • Between liquidus and top (was 400C now 200C)
  • There are many lead-free patents Alloy patent problems are now resolved via cross-licensing between the most important suppliers

The proper end desire for lead-free.

Lead Free PCB packaging

For the packaging of lead-free PCBs, it is very essential to utilize anti-electrostatic discharge bags. This is necessary to make sure that the ultimate product will now not go through static fees throughout transportation.

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However, no matter the thorough grasp of lead-free PCB assembly, it must be carried out with the aid of professionals for perfection.

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