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Choose Bespoke Packaging for Your Business

by M Asim

Packaging is important for brands and businesses. Bespoke packaging plays a crucial role in brand recognition as it can make you stand away from the crowd. Today, buyers like to share their unboxing experiences on social media platforms. Customised packaging makes them feel connected with the brand. Whether you use custom packaging or PayPal Boxes, your products must reach your customers without any damage. This will build trust in your brand.

Fragile goods need that extra layer of cushioning and large or small bubble wrap can be used depending on your items. Wrapping the items in layers of bubble wrap can protect your goods during shipping. One can escape the risk of breakage, returns and loss by using protective packaging.

When packaging your goods in PayPal boxes, after wrapping the items with large or small bubble wrap, it is recommended to fill any space left in the box with newspaper offcuts. This will ensure that items won’t shift their position during transit and stay intact. Otherwise, your goods will remain at a risk of getting damaged during transportation.

Reasons why do you need bespoke packaging?

Bespoke packaging is the best way to communicate with your customers in a cost effective way. It is an affordable marketing and branding method.

  • Using steel strapping kits to package your products will make sure that products kept inside the bespoke boxes will reach your customers without any damage.
  • You can place your logo and other branding elements on the bespoke packaging by getting them printed on the box or bag.
  • You can design your packaging as per your requirements to create a custom version that caters to functionality as well as aesthetics.
  • A bespoke branded packaging stands out. You can use normal packaging but it will not look unique. A bespoke packaging, on the other hand, will make an impact.
  • Customised branded packaging is more sustainable as customers are likely to reuse it again.
  • Bespoke packaging designs can be tailored as per your products. You can even change them when you want. During the Christmas season, you can easily customise it to festive packaging. If you are offering your customers a special discount on your brand’s anniversary, then also you can customise your packaging.
  • Newer and fresher packaging design can keep your customers engaged.

Globe Packaging stocks PayPal boxes, steel strapping kits, big and small bubble wrap, newspaper offcuts, tapes and more packaging materials.

How it works?

Select the packaging type & size

When it comes to customised packaging, you get the chance to select from a wide range of sizes, styles, colours, handles and more things. It can be a cardboard box, a paper bag or any other form of packaging. Numerous products available online include mailing bags, PayPal boxes, paper bags, cardboard boxes, food packaging, e-commerce packaging, biodegradable packaging and more.

Customising the packaging

You can either select the standard packaging materials or get your chosen options customised. You can buy premium quality sustainable materials. Globe Packaging provides a wide range of affordable environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Bespoke packaging can be used for branding. You can get your brand logo, graphic design and artwork printed on your packaging boxes. Also get the design created as per your brand, needs and vision. You might have the logo and artwork already created by your graphic designer or you can get it created at the time of customisation of the packaging box. You can add any text for branding such as your brand name, punchline, website URL and social media handles.

Check the artwork on boxes/bags

Once the customised artwork is finally designed, you can check the digital version and visualise the packaging. Any changes and mistakes can be rectified at this stage. Next, you can get it printed on the test packaging, before sending it for bulk production and printing.

Decide the quantity to order

You can order the quantity you require online through the website of a packaging supplier. After ordering from the comfort of your home, rest assured that it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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