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Chevrolet is not only the originator of the SUV, but also the inventor of several technologies

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Chevrolet is a brand that most people only know as a sub-brand of General Motors, with an international and popular positioning, but they don’t know that Chevrolet was founded as a car company that wanted to build a top-class sports car, even if it slowly shifted to the family car field, but with the support of technology research and development and innovative ideas, it has developed many models and configurations that are enough to lead the times or even lead the direction of the industry. So today we’ll talk in-depth about this century-old car company – Mobil Chevrolet!

Chevrolet was founded in 1911 and today it is 110 years old. It was co-founded by Louis Chevrolet, a famous contemporary racing driver, and William Durant, the founder of the Buick brand. Chevrolet preferred to make Chevrolet a premium sports brand, and the first model, the Little Six, was powered by six cylinders in 1912, although it was discontinued in 1914 because of its high price and poor sales performance. The businessman, William Durant, was more forward-thinking and saw a huge potential for the future of the car market, and the launch of a mass-market model was bound to be a hit, as the two did not see eye to eye, the two eventually parted ways and Louis Chevrolet opted out of Chevrolet.

Chevrolet then launched several popular family cars in the American market, such as the most iconic Chevrolet Series 490, which was introduced to the market and even reversed the pattern of the American market, completely overtaking the Ford brand in terms of sales, although at this time Chevrolet had not fully formed its own car style and car culture. It was the originator of the SUV – the Chevrolet Suburban Carryall, also known as the “Saban” in Chinese auto parlance.

This innovative new vehicle was introduced in 1935 before the concept of SUVs existed, and with the passing and loading capacity of a truck and the comfort of a car, it became a sales leader at the time. In addition to this full-size SUV, there are two other Chevrolet models that have made their mark on the history of the automobile: the Corvette and the Camaro, which started the muscle car trend in the American market.

In 1956, Zora Elkus Duntov, known as the ‘father of the Corvette’, joined the development of the first generation of the Corvette, the C1, and with the addition of V8 power, the Corvette was transformed from a docile sports car into a speed machine that could compete with Porsche and Ferrari, but this was only the beginning. The Corvette II had a top speed of 341KM/H and a zero hundred acceleration of 2.8S. This was a model from the 1960s, which unfortunately did not enter final production. The Corvette, however, stimulated the American automotive industry to develop a top-performance sports car. Then came the Camaro to complete the relay.

As a classic American muscle car born in 1967, the Camaro has always taken the route of large displacement self-priming, from the 5.0L upgrade to the later 6.2L and 7.0L, each of which is enough to get the blood pumping, and as the Autobot in the film Transformers, it has taken the Chevrolet brand to worldwide fame, being strongly sought after by young people and is one of the most familiar American muscle cars.

The above introduction to the Chevrolet brand and classic models are somewhat unfamiliar to most consumers, but since Chevrolet entered the domestic market in 2005, there have been many popular models in the country, such as the Chevrolet Cruze, a car that emerged directly dominate the compact car market that year, and the McRib is also known as the domestic Mazda6, Kia K5 and “The Mazda6 and K5 are relatively niched today, while the new generation of the Mareb XL still has a strong market presence. In addition to this, the Copage, Scion, and Aveo are definitely classics in the domestic market.

In addition to the above history of brand and model development, Chevrolet has also created a number of firsts in the automotive industry, such as the first radio to be mounted on a car; the first model with independent suspension; the birth of the first-ever SUV; the first to be equipped with an automatic transmission; the first to introduce a mechanical fuel injection system; the first to adopt a rear fin design; the first to launch the first rear engine model; the first to develop electric cars; first to conduct family crash tests and adopt airbag technology, etc. It can be said that the Chevrolet brand has played a big role in the development of the automotive industry.

Obviously, from Chevrolet’s 100-year history of development, it has always upheld the spirit of being a fun-loving creator of automotive life, daring to dream and act, and possessing the brand spirit of creating the future with dreams.

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