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Cat6 Plenum cable vs. Cat6 Riser; Which one to Choose?

Working with Ethernet cables can get a bit tricky sometimes. Many people do not pay close attention to safety regarding these cables. You need to go for a cable that offers fire-retardant specs. Not only will it ensure your safety but also the security of your property. Cat6 plenum cable is one of the best cables you can choose when it comes to safety. But what is a plenum cable? How is it any different from riser cable? Which one is the best for your building?

This article will address all the questions. In addition, we’ll also discuss the formation of these cables in depth. So, keep reading.

What is a Fire Retardant Jacket?

Before we dive into the debate of plenum and riser, we’ll discuss the fire retardant coating on a cable jacket. There are usually two types of the fire-resistant jacket; PVC and LSZH. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a high-quality plastic material. This type of jacket will prevent any extreme weather conditions.

On the other hand, the low smoke zero halogens will not burn quickly, releasing dangerous fumes into the air. Furthermore, it will burn slowly, not emitting any toxic fumes. If you are considering deploying the cable inside the wall or roof, consider choosing one of these types.

Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cable

Cat6 plenum, or CMP, is in high demand due to its very functional specifications. CMP stands for multipurpose communication cable. Furthermore, this cable has the USA’s highest UL-listed fire safety standard. Not only will this cable offer fire-restriction properties, but also it will not emit any dangerous fumes into the air.

You can use this cable in the plenum spaces of your building. The outer jacket of this cat6 Ethernet cable has high-quality polyvinyl chloride to resist fire and fumes. The best place to install this cable would be a place with continuous airflow, like an air conditioning duct. Since fire can spread quickly in plenum spaces, you must establish appropriate cables in these environments. Your cat6 plenum will have the ability to stop the fire and put it out.

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Cat6 Riser Cable

CMR or riser cable is perfect for riser spaces in your building. These are vertical spaces inside your structure, for example, an elevator shaft. The most significant benefit of installing this cable is that it prevents fire from spreading. Since you will use it for vertical installation, the fire will not spread between various floors. In addition, the riser may do very well against the fire, like a plenum cable.

You can use this cable anywhere but in a plenum space. Since this is a non-plenum cable, the ideal space would be a riser space. Both commercial and residential units can use this cable for their benefit. If you ever need a cable for vertical installation, this cable would be your first choice. Furthermore, this cable is not expensive compared to the plenum cable. You must remember that you cannot replace a plenum cable with a riser one.  

Reasons to Choose Plenum Cable

Plenum cables are packed with pretty valuable specs. Even though they are a bit expensive, these cables are worth their price. In addition to that, you will not have to worry about fire safety and property damage. These cables adhere to the highest safety standards. Here are some main reasons to go for plenum cables instead of others.

Fire safety – one of the most enormous benefits of choosing this cable is fire safety. Plenum cables adhere to the highest industry standard for fire safety. That is why these cables are in such high demand. On the other hand, the riser cable also has a safety standard but is not as strict as the plenum. If you are an installer, we would wholeheartedly recommend getting a plenum-rated cable for any installation.

Outer jacket – the material is also another critical factor to consider. Ethernet cable has a high-quality polyvinyl chloride jacket which is perfect against fire and chemical reactions. Additionally, it adheres to the highest market standard, UL910. On the other hand, riser-rated cables do not have any of these specs. Their bar is not as strict as the plenum cable. Even though these cables also have the PVC jacket, they are still less expensive than the plenum.

In conclusion, both of these cables have great spec sheets. But if you are going to buy for your plenum spaces, we recommend you buy a plenum cable.

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