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Buying Used Cars: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

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Buying a car is a daunting task, and especially when you are planning to buy and sell used cars. It is true that the second hand car market in Australia is very huge and it is easy to find one that suits your budget and requirements.

However, when looking for cheap used cars for sale Perth or any other part of Australia, many people end up investing their hard earned money in a bad deal. To help you get the best second hand car, you must be aware of some of the common mistakes people tend make when shopping for a car.

Avoiding these mistakes will make the experience of buying a used car more fulfilling and satisfying and less stressful.

Here Are The 5 Most Common Mistakes That Buyers of Second Hand Cars Must Avoid:-

1. Ignoring the Vehicle History Report

When looking for used cars for sale in Perth, one important factor that you must not ignore is the vehicle’s history report.

Checking the vehicle’s history report is a must to know what whether you are getting a good deal or not. Moreover, here it is the question of your hard earned money too and nobody would prefer to spent money on a bad deal.

By knowing the vehicle’s history report you can learn everything about the second hand car you are interested in buying. The history report will give a clear idea whether the car has gone through any accidents in the past and the number of kilometres on the odometer. Also, you can get an idea about the car’s loan history.

Other important things that you can know are whether the car was being immersed in flood water, any massive repairs and whether the car was operated by a single person or handled by many drivers.

When you look for best place to buy cheap used cars in Perth, the dealers will have the vehicle history report available for you. But this is not so in case of private sellers. Hence it is recommended to buy used cars in Perth from a reputed car dealer to get a realistic idea about the condition of the car that you are interested in buying.

2. Ignoring the Vehicle Inspection Report

Whether you are planning to buy and sell used cars, getting the car fully inspected by an expert is very important. No matter how good a car looks from outside, you cannot tell the same when it comes to the mechanical parts.

It is only a good mechanic that can tell you about the condition of the used cars for sale in Perth. If you buy used cars in Perth from a reputed car dealer, be assured the car on display will be already inspected and you simp0ly need to ask for the inspection report and check it yourself.

However, in case the inspection report is not available, then it is recommended to get it checked at your expense from a professional mechanic.

During the inspection process, the mechanic will check the bodywork, condition of the tyres, fluids level, any kind of leakage, mileage and the condition of the safety equipments present inside the car. After having a thorough check, the mechanic can tell you about the real-time condition of the car and whether it is worth investing.

Only after going through the inspection report, make the final decision regarding whether you should buy the second hand car or not.

3. Not Checking Fuel Efficiency

When looking for cheap used cars for sale in Perth one common mistake that many buyers make is ignoring the fuel efficiency of the car.

For instance, you buy used cars in Perth at a good price and if the fuel efficiency of the car is not good then you have to pay more money on fuel every month. This means your monthly expenses will increase as the fuel price is increasing day by day, thus making it a bad deal.

Hence, buyers looking for used cars for sale in Perth must give a stress on a car that offers good fuel efficiency. The second hand car market in Perth and rest of Australia is huge and getting a fuel efficient car is not that difficult. Search properly and wait for the right deal.

Also, when searching for the right car, you must always check the odometer reading of the car. Always remember the higher the odometer reading, less valuable will be the deal. Auto experts recommend buying a used car with less than 40,000 km on the odometer.

4. Avoiding the Test Drive

When interested in investing in cheap used cars for sale in Perth do not make the mistake of avoiding the test drive.

Before making the final decision to buy used cars in Perth go for a test drive. It is only during a test drive that you can understand the features such safety, power of acceleration, comfort, noise of the car and smoothness of the car and most importantly whether you are comfortable while driving the car.

When going for a test drive, prefer driving through congested traffic as well as highways and on different road conditions. During the drive, focus on the sound of the engine, how the AC is working, the smoothness of the pedal and accelerator, how good the brakes are and how the steering wheel is moving. Also, check all the seat belts, audio system, and safety features. You must also check the cargo area of the car and see whether the space is enough for your family or not.

It is recommended to first drive a same or a similar segment car if possible and then drive the car you are interested in buying. This way you can compare and make a final decision.

5. Not Going For Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you plan to buy used cars in Perth, it is recommended to give first preference to certified pre-owned vehicles. But many people do not follow this rule and end up making a big mistake when looking for used cars for sale in Perth.

Certified pre-owned cars before coming in the market for sale have a thorough mechanical inspection irrespective of their make and model and go for reconditioning if needed. Such cars come with fully transparent information and buyers have a clear idea about the car’s condition.

Another benefit of certified pre-owned cars is that they come with an extended manufacturer warranty and many other customer benefits.

However, non-certified pre-owned vehicles are less expensive compared to certified pre-owned vehicles of the same model or make. But with certified pre-owned vehicles, satisfaction levels will be high.

Always look for the best place to buy cheap used cars and give preference to certified pre-owned cars only.

Some More Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Ignoring your budget and spending more than what you can afford depending upon your monthly income.
  • Not buying a used car depends on your purpose and requirements.
  • Avoid mismanagement of finances especially if you are buying used cars for sale in Perth on loan.
  • Always have more than two options with you when you are looking for used cars on sale in Perth.
  • Not bargaining and asking for discounts is another common second hand car buying mistake that you must avoid.


When planning to buy used cars in Perth, keep the above-mentioned mistakes in mind and avoid them at any cost. When it comes to buying and selling used cars, you need to choose the right place to get the right deal. Look for the best place to buy cheap used cars in Perth and soon you will be ruling the road on your new purchase.

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