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Buying Custom Serum Boxes! Don’t Ignore These Important Aspects

by Uneeb Khan

We know you are a business person and want to buy good quality custom serum boxes for your products. But it’s not an easy task that you can do overnight. For this, much time and research are required to do something unique. But, don’t worry, we are here for your help. 

If you want to know about some essential aspects, you should consider them while buying serum box packaging. You are at the right place. So, read this article and pick all the information because it makes it easy for your business to grow tremendously. 

Let’s have a look at these important aspects one by one. 

Endurance Of Serum Box Packaging 

The most important feature to observe while buying custom serum boxes is whether they are durable or not. For a manufacturer, it’s a significant loss in business growth if they are not sturdy. The boxes with low-quality packaging material are not a good option. 

They do not provide any safety to your product for longer times. Even when shipping, your branded items may easily be damaged by exotic forces and bumps. For this, choose a reputed company that provides robust serum packaging boxes.

In addition, they offer various materials that ensure complete product safety, which are:

  • Kraft 
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated  
  • Rigid 

For affordable custom boxes, you can select kraft and cardboard materials. Otherwise, for luxurious packaging, you can go for a corrugated or rigid one. So, what you want for your product packaging according to your budget is up to you. 

Size Of The Boxes Accurate Or Not 

Durability matters most when buying custom serum boxes, but their size also matters. Before buying, check whether they have come up with an accurate measure or not. If your packaging boxes are more significant than your product size, it lowers product safety. 

Due to this, your brand has to face a loss in growth, and you can even lose your customers. So, keep your customers with the right size packaging boxes. The company that asks you for your product dimensions is the right one. Because they will create serum box packaging of incorrect size. 

Consequently, your serum brand significantly boosts the market by increasing its safety. 

Color Palette’s Quality Good Or Bad 

Check the color quality; it is compulsory before buying custom serum boxes. Some colors look best in the palette, but when printed on the packaging, they will not give a good look. Due to this, you have to face a lot of loss. 

So, to escape this loss, just confirm whether the color palette is sound or not. For example, you select a dark green color in the palette. But it becomes light in the shade after printing and gives a terrible look. For this, confirm about the colors look before or after printing. 

Moreover, confirm how long these colors remain on custom serum packaging boxes. Some colors are starting to fade away after some months. Due to this, your brand will get your products back after some months. So, due to this, your reputation gets down. 

Consequently, retailers or marketers decide to boycott your products because of their poor color quality. Kindly do some research, and in the future, there will be no disturbance in your business growth. 

Confirm About The Sustainability 

Nowadays, the sustainability factor is getting significant attention in the market. So, custom serum boxes that are biodegradable get more attention than plastics. They do not cause any pollution. Moreover, save our aquatic life and the world from global warming. 

In addition, custom-printed serum boxes with kraft material are the right option to maintain eco-friendliness. Furthermore, they have sustainability slogans that allure customers to check on your product. If they find it attractive, then they buy it instantly. 

Thus, your company’s serum products will get great pitch sales. 

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Design Engraving Quality Matters 

So, you are a serum manufacturer and know that products’ exterior also matters. Suppose you select a creative and alluring design, but it looks terrible on custom serum boxes after printing. For this, research properly and choose a company that offers high-quality printing.

The best printing techniques are:

  • Offset 
  • Digital 
  • Screening 

You can select any of them. But offset one is the most commonly used printing while creating wholesale custom boxes. In this, plates are used to transfer printing on the boxes. Moreover, the four-colour scheme CMYK is used to design the product packaging boxes. 

Do a complete investigation, and then buy your custom printed boxes for packaging. 

Check On Add-ons Options 

The add-ons, at last, are essential for custom serum boxes. Suppose the bride comes to a spa for makeup. Her makeup is done, but her face is not a highlighter. Does she look attractive? No. But after applying, her makeup look gets completed. 

Like that, add-ons are essential for serum packaging boxes. We know some packages do not require embellishments. But the beauty product boxes need decorations. For that, check out thoroughly that the packaging companies provide finishing options. 

The different add-ons are:

  • Foiling 
  • Coating 
  • Ribbons 
  • Waterproof layers 
  • Window patching 

These are all the important aspects you should consider before buying wholesale custom boxes from any packaging company.

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