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Buyer’s Guide To Commercial Door Lock Systems

by Uneeb Khan

Uneeb Khan |From building owners and operators, anyone in commercial real estate should know a few things about commercial door locks. After all, they are one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a secure property.  

When it comes to commercial security, access control systems are pretty essential to check who can get inside the building and when. But the technology is evolving to improve property protection and diminish security risks. Today, commercial door access control systems are something more than just a lock and key. In addition to keeping doors secure, today’s top commercial access control systems also track everyone coming and going.  

Even the most advanced commercial door lock systems require two basic components, that are: a lock and a key. An integral part of any office door security system, commercial door locks are an age-old method of access control for all sizes of businesses. But how those door locks work makes all the difference when it is about building security. You can search for a ‘locksmith near me’ in the Google search bar, and get yourself a highly secure door-locking system.  

What Are Commercial Door Locks?  

Commercial door locks are mechanical or electronic locks that are graded for commercial use like offices, businesses, and other commercial real estates. Commercial security door locks are great for interior doors and entrances. The most popular type of electronic door locks for businesses are smart locks, as they offer improved security.  

About Commercial Grade Locks 

Commercial grades are industry standards that determine the quality and specification of commercial door locks. Lock grades help developers, contractors, locksmiths, owners, and operators choose the best one for their purposes.  

  • Grade 3 locks are standard-issue locks, commonly used for interior office doors. The Grade 3 commercial door locks are good, but they are not recommended for use on exterior doors, or for spaces that need extra security commercial door locks. 
  • Grade 2 commercial door locks are used in places that have more traffic and need better security. For example, in an office building or lobby area grade, 2 commercial door locks should be used.They are more strong and more durable than Grade 3 locking mechanisms, which makes them a better option for commercial spaces.  
  • Grade 1 is the strongest of the commercial door lock types, and gives the best security to the area with the longest lifespan. This type of lock is often used in high-security areas such as hospitals, museums, and schools.  

Commercial Keypad Door Locks 

A commercial keypad door lock allows the user to enter a PIN code instead of using a physical key to open the door. These locks either have a keypad with numbered buttons or a touch-screen interface with numbers built right into the screen. 

To set up PIN codes, you will either have to program them on-site with the lock hardware or use software to program codes remotely. 

Summing Up 

It is crucial to secure your workplace where highly important documents or expensive materials are stored. If you search for a ‘ locksmith near me’ in New York, you will come to know about Volt Locksmith. They offer locksmith and security services for offices and other commercial spaces. 

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