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Buyer’s Guide For A Modular 3D Printer

January 2023: 3D printers have become popular today as they are available in the workplace and at home. 3D printers create impressive objects from a wide variety of materials. Working with a modular 3D printer is the best option because most can perform three functions: printing, CNC carving, laser engraving, and cutting. Buying a modular 3D printer can be daunting owing to the many types of devices and complicated printing methods available in the market. Here are some guidelines to help you when buying a modular 3D printer.

Buyer’s guide for a modular 3D printer

  1. Features of the printer

Before you buy a modular 3D printer, ensure you check the features. For instance, check for features like automatic nozzle cooling, which indicates that printing is complete. If your printer type has a heated bed, look for a safety feature that automatically shuts off the heated bed when printing is done. Also, look for printers that move the nozzle away from the model when you either finish the printing or pause it to avoid excess filament from forming and prevent heat damage to your model.

It would help if you should make sure the 3D printer can store your task progress when an energy failure occurs, so you resume what you were doing once the power comes back. In addition, ensure that your 3D printer has flexible steel plates that help you safely remove the final product considering that they tend to be very hot right after printing. Make sure that the filament provided by the manufacturer is safe and certified. In this case, you must also look for the safety data sheet. It will provide you with information on the chemical compositions of the materials and whether they are FDA-approved.

  1. Quality

You should check if it has smart features such as touchscreen user interfaces, dual filament, build volume, and heated glass beds. The smart features will make your printing experience to be smooth. In addition, look for 3D printers with a high resolution and printing speed to enable you to print fast and, in the end, have a quality product. Moreover, buy a printer from a trustable company that will guarantee quality products.

  1. Price

Buying a cheap modular 3D printer doesn’t always save you money. Sometimes, low-priced 3D printers sacrifice quality to reduce their costs. Buying printers cheaply might result in printing issues and frequent breakdowns. That said, reminisce that you don’t necessarily have to purchase an expensive printer. There are many suitable printers sold at a reasonable price that best fits your budget, and considering other costs that can come up, like buying supplemental materials, electricity, labor, and maintenance costs. It is recommended to go for a durable product to cut maintenance costs.

  1. Support

Consider buying the modular 3D printer from a company that offers a professional customer support system. This will come in handy when something goes wrong, as you can easily contact them for assistance. It would also be best to find virtual community support for 3D printing. These virtual communities will essentially help you with how to deal with 3D printer setbacks that may not be resolved by customer support. They can also offer actual experiences, so their insights are worth considering. Moreso, they will help you connect to 3D printer brands easily, so you can ask common questions and receive the latest news about 3D printing.  

In conclusion, before embarking on buying an integrated 3D printer, first of all, consider the features that are installed in it. Then, look at the quality of the final product and the support the manufacturers provide. And lastly, consider buying a printer that is within your budget. For maximum performance, your 3D printer should come with a Snapmaker 2.0  that entails acrylic folding doors, acrylic panels, an exhaust fan, an exhaust duct, a Door Detection Hall switch, and LED strips Read more

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