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Business Management against Discrimination Risks

by Uneeb Khan

Discrimination risks are nearly everywhere. In the business world, there are thousands or perhaps millions of cases of discriminative acts by coworkers or employers. It has become so common that people are starting to neglect it. However, they should not be, as it is still a crucial issue to maintain peace in the environment. Although, discrimination is a complex and sensitive area of the law that most people do not understand. Yet, everyone should know if they are facing discrimination in any way.

This article will discuss how business management can deal with discrimination risks. If you are a law business management student collecting data from the web and wondering if it would help me write my dissertation, this article can help. Perhaps you can write research on the same topic this article will talk about below. Besides, read carefully to understand how a business can tackle discrimination risks.

Discrimination Risks in Business

Although, discrimination should not take place in today’s highly advanced and educated world. The world is trying to promote equality and fairness among different people, races, cultures, backgrounds, and whatnot. Still, the power of discrimination is so high that it consumes people’s minds within seconds. If you think it just started in recent years, you are wrong. Discrimination risks have been with us for centuries. Education was supposed to eliminate this factor among us, but not everyone in this world is literate.

Discrimination is a common factor in the business world. Thousands of workers face discrimination at their workplaces every day. Guess who is responsible? Of course, the ones who discriminate against them. Yet, the employer is also liable if their business is a hub of discrimination risks. If you are a business owner finding ways to go against it, here is how.

Offer Workers Employment Guide Book

It is the simplest, time-saving, most effective way to save your workers from discrimination. Employment guidebooks can help your business from discrimination risks by offering workers fitting instructions. This way, a worker will easily identify whether someone is discriminating against them or they are doing the same with someone. Ensure all your workers read it to make it effective. Also, the guidebook must contain policies on equal opportunities and anti-bullying/harassment. It should clearly set out what is acceptable under the premise of your business and what does not.

Include Training Programs Every Few Months

Short training programs about equal opportunities, discrimination, and harassment can be vital for the business. These training programs will serve as a reminder no one should treat anyone less favorably or harass them. Also, the training program should tell the workers that they should never victimize others because of their age, disability, gender, religion, belief, etc.

Moreover, the training should focus on fixing managers. For example, many managers ask inappropriate questions at interviews and make an attendee upset. Most businesses focus on lower-level discrimination that happens among workers. Yet, it is true that discriminative minds exist mid-manager-level.

Therefore, employees should take part in the mix and non-discrimination training programs every few months that centers on prohibited behaviors. Besides, these programs must train supervisors about how to respond quickly and correctly to complaints of discrimination or harassment.

Bring Open Door and Zero Tolerance System

Recently, many well-known businesses brought this system in. They promised zero tolerance of workplace violence, which led workers toward satisfaction. Plus, the open door system helped the workers convey their complaints against coworkers or managers without the fear of revenge. Therefore, if all businesses apply this system, it can increase worker satisfaction. Also, the fear of it will reduce the chances of discrimination risks.

There is no doubt that a prompt and in-depth reaction to an in-house complaint is vital against discrimination risks. Every business owner should set up a team for interviewing the complaining worker, the suspect, and the witnesses to react to the complaint efficiently. Also, employers must be cautious to note everything during the investigation because things will lead toward a thorough inquiry later.

Provide Culture-Wise Flexibilities

Every business has workers’ from different cultures. Business owners should understand this and try to offer them flexibility during their religious events. For example, a business owner should give flexibility to their workers to take time off to pray or to celebrate religious holidays. On other hand, they can call their workers to the office on different religious off days. Even it happens in many well-known firms around the globe. For example, different cultural people get different off days for holidays.  

Setting Up Huge Penalties for Suspects

There is no doubt that everyone wants to save money and avoids penalties. Setting up fair cash penalties in case of discriminative accusations will fear many ill mindsets to do such things. People do such acts when they get freedom and when they know no one will do anything to them. This way, they get the flexibility to provide harm to others emotionally or physically. If they know they would have to pay a huge amount of cash if they become suspects, it will stop them from doing such things.

Besides, suspects cannot refuse to pay a penalty because their salary is in your hands. You can simply deduct it from their salary, being a business owner. It is a simple yet effective way to fight against discrimination risks in a business.


There are many ways a business can fight against discrimination risks. We hope you understand how business management takes action against such problems. Perhaps now you will not think to hire someone to write my dissertation for me. If you pick this topic for your final year research task, you will definitely succeed. It is a rare topic, which logically should be common among us. What if you spread awareness about discrimination risks in others through your research paper? Excellent.

Besides, discrimination is really a severe factor we must take out of our lives. If you ever feel like being a bully to others, you should seek expert advice. Be good to others, as it is not their fault if they were born in a different culture.

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