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Best Ways to Store and Preserve Vanilla Beans

by Eddy Smith

If you are aware of the method of storing vanilla beans in the right manner, then it is not impossible to keep the beans perpetually. As a matter of fact, if you keep them in the right way, they will mature with time and their fragrance will also enhance over a period. More and more, the volatile compounds in the fruit will start interacting and further add a unique flavour to the element. 

Another very important thing is to buy them from the right place. The quality of vanilla beans will also determine their shelf life. if you are wondering where to buy vanilla beans in bulk, then you must consider essence food and beverage, LLC. They are a supply chain from Indonesia to the USA and they are dedicated to shortening and developing a strong and sustainable chain of supply of beans. 

Their high-quality vanilla beans come at an affordable price because they cut the middleman and supply the material directly to you. Since there is no middleman involved, their price is much lesser than their competitors. They source, produce, pack and import the best quality vanilla beans and spices and distribute them worldwide. 

Their triple-level inspection ensures that the quality of the beans is supreme and top-notch. Through their wholesale programme, you can provide your customers with the best and right quality spices and vanilla beans at the most affordable prices in the market. By doing business with them, you will save a lot of money and earn a lot of money from your customers. 

Storing Vanilla beans

Ideally, the place where you store the vanilla beans must be a dark room. The temperature must be between the range of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. One of the worst options is to refrigerate the vanilla beans as it can dry up the vanilla pods and this will stop the pods from curing. Your vanilla beans must be contained in air-tight jars or containers to avoid any moisture. 

Dark glass jars or glazed ceramic jars are best as they prevent any sunlight from entering the jar. You must find a container, which is a snug fit for the beans and there is little or no circulation of air inside the jar. This will ensure the loss of moisture to a bare minimum. You must keep a distance from the plastic containers. 

This is because the plastic containers are volatile and they will mix with the compounds of the vanilla pod. As a consequence, the flavour of the vanilla will be affected and you will not enjoy it. Besides that, vanilla beans must not be vacuum-packed because these packaging bags are made of plastic. Again, storing them in plastic will taint the flavour. 

Another reason for avoiding such packing is since all the air will be breathed out, your vanilla quality will suffer. With this, the volatile compounds will also be sucked out. 


It is very important that you store the vanilla beans in the right manner to ensure that their quality and taste are preserved.  

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