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Best VPS Hosting As A Game Server

by Faisal Bhatti

Make sure you read and follow our guidelines for the best experience.Note for VPS virtual service:

To ensure the interests of all customers, and to bring you the best service, Onet will stop providing the service and will not refund the fee if you use it.

Users have more control over their server environment with vps uk provision, they can install and configure software, customize settings, and have access to the server’s operating system.

DomainRacer and DedicatedCore 

Virtual Private Servers are built from the ground using all NVME SSD storage. Enjoy increased power, and flexibility, and get full control of your Business.

Use VPS to run programs that can clog the server system and exhaust resources.

Use VPS as a Game Server

Use VPS to install programs to exploit and deplete server resources such as Bitcoin, cion, etc, and similar products.

Using VPS to download or upload continuously clogs the connection. Run high CPU-intensive software or processes continuously. If you want to buy kvm-based hosting in germany with equipment assets and a Linux operating system,

then this budget vps hosting is the perfect choice.

Use DomainRacer or DedicatedCore VPS hosting for low cost plans.

Run auto tools of any kind.

Run programs capable of blacklisting IPs provided by DomainRacer and DedicatedCore.

Cpanel/Whm promotion only applies to payments over 6 months and does not apply to any associated promotions.

Not responsible for and do not guarantee the accuracy of information from anyone sent to the server and do not accept any liability or compensation for any loss or damage to the server.

Data is stored on the server. The customer is responsible for performing the maintenance and management of the data on the server.

we will conduct an audit and lock the account upon confirmation of the infringement.

Customers using the DomainRacer and DedicatedCore service will have to commit to honestly reflecting on the quality of the service on all media, websites, forums, etc. All feedback must be accompanied by authentic evidence.

The right to unilaterally terminate the contract if we detect that the content reflected is not authentic, offensive, libelous, and negatively affects the reputation of the supplier.

Customers are solely responsible for and warrant to us in using their website on the server for lawful purposes.

At the same time, it is responsible for controlling and preventing others from doing that on the website. mine. If we receive notice of copyright infringement

In case the violation is not handled within 24 hours of being notified and temporarily locked,we will permanently lock the account without refunding the service fee.

Customers must not upload data that is illegal, threatening, deceptive, hateful, distorted, defamatory, obscene, offensive, etc., or other prohibited forms in any form. which consciousness.

Customers are required to securely store identification, password,or other information related to the service account or customer management account and immediately notify us.

When they discover any unauthorized access to your account or security breaches, including loss, theft, or disclosure of passwords and other information.

Customers will be responsible before the law for the content of their website and will have to accept all forms of handling from the authorities if the content violates the laws of the Socialist Republic.

Customers must not send emails of any kind with the purpose of vandalism or spreading spam from Onet its servers. Including all programs that send emails beyond the specified number (100 emails/time/2h).

Customers must not use source code and data that can affect other customers on the system, such as exhausting system resources, and overloading processors and memory.

Including complaints and claims from other customers, reserves the right to immediately lock/delete the account as well as unilaterally terminate the contract.

 Not to Upload Or Use The Following Source Codes:

Source code leech files (Rapidleech, transload). DDoS source code (flash, DDoS…). Bomb mail source code, spam email. Source code related to stealing credit card information.

Source code or links to scam, phishing sites. The source code can attack and exploit errors such as r57, c99, and web shells. Particularly for Vbulletin Board (VBB) source code,

customers are not allowed to install the following functions:Members are online within 24 hours mod,

Members post within 24 hours Mod and Cometchat Mod Shoutbox or Chatbox: Guests are not allowed to use the shoutbox.Shoutbox shows at most 10 lines. The refresh time of the shoutbox is at least 60 seconds. The number of icons (Smiles) appearing in the shoutbox should not exceed 20

For the above violations, we will warn, after 24 hours of warning but the violation is still not handled,the account will be temporarily locked for 72 hours and permanently lock the account if recidivism without refund.

One uses the customer management system at Onet.

vn All service issues have been and are being addressed.We only accept settlements through this system.

In the worst case that the customer loses their account, we will agree to return the account information when the customer provides a confirmation of service payment or brings the contract directly to the company.

In case of dispute, we will get back the account information when we receive the ID card or contract that matches the original registration information on the customer system.

Guarantee the highest possible level of security to ensure the safety of our customers’ data, except for newly discovered and unpatched security flaws from the hardware/software manufacturer. All customers use the DomainRacer or DedicatedCore vps hosting.

In case of hardware failure leading to data loss, we will not be responsible, but commit to restoring the data saved at the time of the latest backup server (if any).

For the use of Email, recommends that customers consider using Email Business to meet the needs of sending/receiving by technical criteria.

All domain names will be managed at Onet unless customers have their requirements or point directly to hosting,they will be managed here DomainRacer is the official agent of an international domain name service provider.Customers will manage and be responsible for the domain names created in the reseller account and DomainRacer will not be able to directly interfere with these domain names.

DomainRacer and DedicatedCore  

is the leading brand known for Quality and Speed, Build a website with our ultra-fast server. Reliable solution with LiteSpeed Technology and SSD platform.

Provide 100% of full resources of service packages including. We promise to refund money in case of failure to supply because of downtime due to errors arising from servers.

Committed to refunding 100% of the contract value (excluding fees incurred during the transaction) if the commitment is not fulfilled. We do not support third-party software that you install into Onet VN’s services by yourself.

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