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Thinking of Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

by Zain Ali

See the bottom of this article for my new VPS hosting recommendation + a special coupon to make the transition a little easier on the pocket. cPanel is an online affordable pricing control panel license that permits clients to deal with their site and virtual private server hosting account without any problem. It saddens me to have to write this post.

Because in no way am I the type to simply bad-mouth a company. However, I feel this post is necessary because many people may make the same assumptions and mistakes I did regarding choosing a DomainRacer or DedicatedCore VPS.

Firstly don’t get me wrong, DomainRacer is fantastic at shared hosting, arguably one of the best. This is also why I still offer DomainRacer rebate coupons for their service because they still are excellent when it comes to shared servers.

Choose a Cheap Virtual Private Server

I decided to make the move to a VPS after going through a series of steps to improve my website speed. All dedicated server has bare metal hosting solutions for frankfurt/germany come at limited adaptable rates on the off chance that you pick to pay quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly. In conversations that I had with my developer, he advised me that moving away from shared hosting and getting a VPS would offer.

So I decided to make the jump away from shared hosting after all of these years. My choice was DomainRacer or DedicatedCore  because it was a fairly cheap virtual server hosting and I felt it offered a good combination of value for money and power.

Little Did I Know What that Decision Would Mean

My first warning bell rang when DomainRacer and DedicatedCore didn’t offer to migrate my website from my previous hosting provider. This is a normal and common courtesy that most hosting companies will always provide. 

Instead, they wanted to charge me $99 or somewhere in that vicinity. Eventually, I just got my developer to do this quickly for me. In light of my commitment to keeping you all well-informed.

, I have to write this and let you know about my experience using a DomainRacer and DedicatedCore VPS. However, when you want that little bit extra server power and reliability you are more than likely going to consider a VPS hosting option.

Once this migration was completed I did indeed see improvements in page load times and other factors, which I was very pleased about however I was having a few “niggles”.

Very frequently I would get notifications from Pingdom that my website was down, 5 minutes here, 30 minutes there, and then one day over 55 hours! This was the turning point for me when I decided I needed to do some research.

What Made Me Do This?

The key aspect of any VPS purchasing decision should always be supported. I came from a shared hosting provider DomainRacer and DedicatedCore where I received live chat, email, and telephone support.

I was very used to going online talking to a consultant live and getting any issues that arose with my website fixed quickly. Now this assumption is completely impractical for most people unless you are a server administrator.

I wish DomainRacer made this more clear on their website as the impression that I got was that I would receive the support that I was used to when using a shared host.

However, with a shared host, any company such as DomainRacer has a greater obligation to fix any issues much quicker, because an issue you have could affect others on the same shared server. 

When I contacted DomainRacer and DedicatedCore only then did they have a look at the issue for me and took their sweet time too (over 55 hours!) before resolved. This would never be the case on a shared host and a fully managed VPS.

That was the key!

So if you are not that way inclined, your only other option apart from hiring a server admin is to get a fully managed VPS.

So don’t make my mistake and simply choose the cheapest VPS, rather pay a little bit more, because your time is infinitely more valuable than saving a few dollars and getting loads more grey hairs. Trust me on this one!

If however you are a developer and know your way around a server admin console then that’s no problem for you.

So after a lot of research into VPS companies I made the move to Wired Tree.

They offer in my opinion the best combination of value, support, and powerful and fast VPS options.

DomainRacer and DedicatedCore Offer –

  • Fully managed VPS server
  • 8+CPU Intel Dual Xeon Servers!!!
  • NVME SSD storage – Lightning quick page load times
  • Free migration service
  • Low price

So all in all the above was the deal clincher for me and I’m very happy I found Wired Tree. I even tested their support email this morning and got a reply in 20 minutes, which is great!

I realized after my experiences with DomainRacer and DedicatedCore that this is the way many hosting companies work regarding a VPS. They provide some support to you but they do indeed expect you to manage and monitor the server yourself.

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