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Best Quotes from CEO Interviews to Inspire You

by Uneeb Khan

Business-minded people with big goals often look to others’ success as inspiration. Seeing other people achieve greatness can encourage you to chase your dreams and make your visions come to life. But how exactly do they do it? How did they get there? To get a better idea of what it takes to be successful, we can look to CEO interviews for invaluable insight and advice.

Get Experience, Make Mistakes
Shopify’s CEO Tobi Lütke sat down with the Knowledge Project Podcast to give listeners a better understanding of what your mindset has to be if you want to chase your dreams. He discussed making decisions, embracing your mistakes, and the best process for success.

“It really helps with the right kind of mindset. From the earliest days, no one’s ever gonna commit more egregious bugs to the Shopify codebase than I did. No one’s gonna accidentally cause more downtime than I did. I’ve committed every managerial sin in the book, and I have unbelievingly patient people who work for me, who allowed me to grow into the role I’m playing now in this company over time, even though it took me very long time to adjust to this. You learn from it all.”

Chase Personal Growth
Marissa Mayer, the former CEO of Yahoo, is a well known investor that was also an executive at Google. For Mayer, it’s about getting out of your comfort zone and not being afraid to put yourself out there. Sometimes the only way to grow is to create those opportunities for yourself.

“I always did something that I was a little not ready to do. I think that is how you grow. When there’s a moment of ‘Wow, I’m not so sure that I can do this, and you push through those moments, it’s then that you have a breakthrough. Sometimes that’s a sign that something really great is about to happen. You’re about to grow and learn a lot more about yourself.”

Focus On Yourself
Mashable’s CEO, Pete Cashmore, has said in the past that you can’t really control other people. Sometimes we can get caught up in others’ performances but we should really be focused on the only thing we can really control: Ourselves. In order to improve, push yourself to do better and break your own records.

“We are really competing against ourselves, we have no control over how other people perform.”

Learn From Your Blunders
Sometimes the hardest part of life is admitting what we’ve done wrong. But John C. Maxwell, CEO of The John Maxwell Company, has said in past CEO interviews that you have to admit your mistakes to get anywhere. Because once you admit to a mistake, you can do something to change it, to improve on it, to better yourself.

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.”

Do What You Love
Lastly, it all means nothing if you don’t even enjoy what you’re doing. Do something that matters to you. Do something that means something. Do something that makes an impact. When you have a passion for what you’re doing, you will be more innovative, more flexible, and more willing to do what it takes to succeed. Here’s a quote from Larry Page, CEO of Google, on that matter.

“If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.”

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