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Best Javelin Throw Equipments

by Eddy Smith

These days, the sport of javelin throw has garnered a lot of fan following. In this Javelin throw, the primary equipment is the Javelin itself. When you look at the structure of the javelin throw equipment, then you would realize that it is similar in structure to the hunting spear. The person who throws the javelin is called the javelineer.

A javelineer has to specialize in knowing the specific angle at which the javelin has to be thrown to get the best projectile. In javelin sports, the person who throws the javelin and can cover the longest distance wins the competition. In the recent Olympics, the javelineer from India called Neeraj Chopra won the gold in the Javelin throw.

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Structure of Javelin

The javelin is made with the help of both wood and metal. The weight of a javelin can be anywhere between 400 to 800 grams and it depends on the age group and category of the sportsperson. The length of a men’s javelin ranges between 2.6 and 2.7 meters while the length of a javelin for women ranges between 2.2 and 2.3 meters.

The body of the javelin is made of three essential parts namely the tip, the shaft and the grip.

The tip – this is the tail ending pointed end of the javelin. It is made of metal and it is this part of the javelin which makes the contact with the ground. The distance covered by the javelin is calculated as per the tip of the javelin.

Shaft- this can be called the trunk of the javelin. It is the area which connects the grip and the tip of the javelin. This can be either made of wood or metal. The shaft is expected to be smooth and it can either be hollow or solid.

Cord grip – the grip is present in the centre of the shaft and this is the place where the sportsperson holds the javelin. The javelin is thrown by the athletes by making a specific angle between the elbow and the cord grip concerning the ground. This grip is of a consistent thickness and it should not be more than 8mm in diameter.


The increasing popularity of the javelin throw has attracted a lot of people to it. If you want to excel in the sport, then you have to choose the best javelin athletics equipment.

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