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Beginning The Journey To Be DAVSC Certified

by John

Do you wish to expand the use of Disciplined Agile® throughout your business in order to speed up value delivery at scale?

To provide you the tools to optimise enterprise-wide value streams, Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC) combines practises from Flow, Lean, the Theory of Constraints, and Organizational Development.

This 21 PDU instructor-led course goes beyond a single framework by teaching you the mentality, techniques, and tools to reduce waste and focus on what counts. It is packed with group projects, further reading, and other activities.

What You Will Discover

Find out how to decide where a company should start.

Be able to customise an organization’s improvement strategy to meet their specific demands while also taking their culture into account.

Learn how to hasten the scaled realisation of value by your consumers.

Course Outline:

  1. Value Stream Consultant: Role and work
  1. The idealized value stream
  1. Removing delays in the workflow
  1. The minimum business increment
  1. The discovery workflow and the development intake process
  1. Business increment planning and coordination
  1. Cadence
  1. Reducing (not accommodating) dependencies
  1. Factors for effective value streams
  1. Value creation structure
  1. Agile budgeting and lean funding
  1. Creating visibility across the organization
  1. Key roles
  1. End of increment activities

Course Prerequisites:

Three years of expertise in agile

The Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) certification guarantees thorough familiarity with the DA toolkit and the numerous techniques and tactics it comprises.

What the DAVSC Does?

The DAVSC Certification is in charge of assisting a company in enhancing how they develop new products and services and manage their current ones. To do this, the organisation must be directed to:

  • comprehend the underlying concepts that make this possible for all organisational positions
  • Pick the strategies that will be most effective for them.
  • effectively plan and assign personnel to the necessary work
  • accept the use of metrics
  • Work with the operational side of the business to help them understand how to support these initiatives.
  • All parties should come to agreements that will help the transformation.

Assist Enterprises In Achieving Genuine Business Agility

The training Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant teaches you how to utilize value stream management to establish a personalized solution for any business to increase customer value delivery. It combines theories and techniques from Lean, Flow, Theory of Constraints, and Organizational Development. The training interacts with the Disciplined Agile toolset to deliver the methods that will be most effective for the situation, whether a fresh Agile transition or a continuation of a stagnant SAFe or Spotify shift.

Key Features Of Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC) Certification

1. Determine where an organization should begin – portfolio management, product management, or development.

2. Be able to customize an organization’s improvement plan based on its particular demands while also responding to its culture to advance at its correct pace.

3. Be able to coach an organization to develop on its own.

4. Understand how to scale up value delivery.

Prepare for the DAVSC  exam to acquire proper, verifiable certification. Tuition includes your test fee.

What Is Explicitly Disciplined Agile?

Disciplined Agile is a toolbox that focuses on the decisions you must make, the options accessible to you, and the trade-offs associated with these options. It demonstrates how to mix tactics from Scrum, Agile Modeling, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Agile Data, SAFe, and many other methodologies in a customizable and scalable manner. Organizations that use Disciplined Agile go to market quicker produce value faster, and have happier customers.

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