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Beginners Guide On Using Mayo Scissors In Various Surgical Procedures

The first day in the surgical operating room can be nerve-racking and even scary. Most beginners feel a bit of aichmophobia while making cuts during surgeries. However, there is nothing to worry about; everyone feels this way in the beginning.

You need to learn the proper use of surgical scissors in order to excel in your career. The first and most crucial step is choosing the best scissors for cutting. Mayo scissors are among the most commonly used scissors for cutting during various surgical procedures.

If you are new to the field of surgery and want to learn how to use Mayo surgical scissors properly in various procedures, you have come to the right place!

Mayo scissors

Uses Of Mayo Scissors During Surgeries

Mayo dissection scissors are widely used surgical scissors in the operating room. These are named after their intended use in dissection. During an operation, surgeons use these scissors to carefully cut tissue on the surface or inside the human body.

There are different types of dissecting scissors for cutting hard and soft tissues. These scissors are used in a variety of surgical procedures, including,

  • Episiotomy
  • Osteotomy
  • Fulguration
  • Pre-Eclampsia
  • Arthroplasty
  • Neurosurgical procedures
  • Bladder surgery

The scissors perform various functions during these surgeries. Let’s discuss their use in detail.

Suture Procedures

Mayo surgical scissors ideally assist surgeons in adding or removing sutures. Surgeons use sutures mainly to provide mechanical support to sustain wound closure. For this purpose, they use sharp mayo surgical scissors to finely cut the sutures.

  • Adding Sutures

The most important thing while cutting sutures with scissors is to focus on the bottom blade. At first, pull the tail of the suture away from the skin. This step ensures that the blade does not cause any direct injury to the skin. Then, move the bottom blade from the suture leg to the knot and cut it. This will precisely cut the suture at the knot.

However, surgeons prefer to leave a bit of suture tail in deep suturing procedures. In these cases, hold the tail and slip down the bottom blade of the scissors from the tail. Then, close the scissor at the determined length by turning it at an angle. This allows you to keep the tail of the suture at the desired length.

  • Removing Sutures

To remove sutures, first, grab the knot of the suture with the forceps to avoid slippage. Then, open the scissors handle and slip it into the loop of sutures. After that, give a flush cut to the sutures with the tip of the scissors by closing the handles. The sharp blade scissors will cut the sutures smoothly without side cuts or injury.  

Skin Incision

A surgical incision is a cut made through the skin during surgical procedures to facilitate an operation. These scissors can assist in making multiple incisions during an operation. As skin tissues are tough, you’ll need to use super sharp Mayo surgical scissors to cut them smoothly.

Furthermore, surgeons may need to make a few inconspicuous incisions with these scissors. The size, location, and number of incisions vary depending on the type of surgery.

Tissue Dissection

Tissue dissection is the process of separating or isolating tissues. Mayo dissecting scissors are ideal for this purpose. Cutting tissues in natural planes is the best way to dissect tissues with scissors. These are the paths that offer the very least resistance or least bleeding during surgery.

  • Hard Tissue Dissection

The sharp blade Mayo surgical scissors are ideal for cutting hard tissues. Usually, scissors with black handles are ideal for cutting or dissecting hard tissues smoothly. They consist of razor-sharp edges that ensure tissue cutting without the need to apply additional force.

  • Thin Tissue Dissection

Soft tissues are easy to cut with delicate blades as they don’t require additional force to cut smoothly. Additionally, you cannot use sharp scissors to cut soft tissues because they can cause damage to nearby tissues. As a result, it is best to avoid using blunt scissors for delicate cutting. Instead, use a dissecting scissor of the delicate blade to finely cut the tissues without any danger.

Want To Avail These Cutting-Edge Scissors?

Mayo scissors are specialized scissors used in various surgical procedures. It comes in numerous varieties and types.

If you want to get such useful surgical scissors, then check out GerMedUSA. It has been manufacturing and supplying stainless steel surgical equipment for three decades. All of the tools are available in different designs and variations. Moreover, these scissors require little maintenance because of the quality material used in the surgery. They also offer customized surgical instruments, so you can perform surgeries with maximum efficiency.  

Mayo surgical instrument


Why Do Surgeons Use Mayo Surgical Scissors?

Surgeons use Mayo surgical scissors for various purposes in different surgeries. However, they are ideal for cutting and isolating tissues, skin incisions, and suture procedures.

Are Mayo Surgical Scissors Good for Tissue Dissection?

Mayo dissecting scissors are ideal for dissecting or isolating tissues during surgeries. Also, they are various types of scissors for cutting soft and hard tissues depending on the condition.

How to Identify Super Sharp Scissors?

The super-sharp scissors usually have black handles, identifying the edges as razor-sharp. These are ideal for cutting hard tissues during various surgical procedures.

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