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Ariana Grande ‘suffers stalker scare after man targets her AGAIN’

Ariana Grande reportedly suffered a stalker scare after a man targeted her again and broke into her Montecito home on her 29th birthday over the weekend The man

Aaron Brown, went after Ariana last year when he arrived to her Hollywood ,Hills home with a hunting knife He was arrested and Grande was ultimately granted a five-year restraining order against him Brown was arrested again after he broke into her Montecito home on Sunday.

Ariana Grande reportedly suffered

A stalker scare after a man targeted her again and broke into her Montecito home on her 29th birthday over the weekend.  

The man, Sharon Brown, went after Ariana

Provided by The Independent A screenshot from Alicia Silverstone’s Instagram Story (Black and white hoodie Alicia Silverstone)

Horowitz’s classic outfit has spawned countless reinterpretations, including in Iggy Azalea’s music video for “Fancy”, and Ariana Grande’s tour outfit.

Although it was Ariana with her white mini BERTA dress.

The stunning outfit is a silver mini crystal dress which has a fitted bodice and envelope skirt at the bottom. The singer, who resembled an angel, completed the ensemble with her well-known knee-high boots and white feathered wings.

60s style the music video still for “don’t call me an angel” by Ariana Grande Ariana’s job advertisements feature art With her appearance in the music video for the single Positions, which was included on her album of the same name,

\Ariana Grande opted to throw it back to the 1960s.

The singer, who had wings made of white feathers, complemented the look with her well-known knee-high boots.

Still from Ariana Grande’s music video for “don’t call me an angel” in a 1960s aesthetic Ariana’s job postings include artwork Ariana chose to go back in time with her appearance in the music video for the tune Positions,

which was featured on her album of the same name.

Tiny caps, bubble earrings, gloves, and pearls are just a few of the exquisite costumes the singer, who plays the president in the video, is wearing

Alicia Silverstone has given her seal of

Approval after Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson recreated one of her classic looks from the cult 1990s film Clueless

The Black Swan star wore a plaid yellow and black button-up jacket and matching mini-skirt similar to the Dolce and Cabana version worn by Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher Horowitz in the hit 1995 film

Rather than the matching Mary Jane shoes,

Portman substituted the white t-shirt and knee-high socks she wore in the movie with a black crop top and a pair of Dry Marten lace-up boots

Thompson wore a white sweater layered with a black sweater vest, along with a full black skirt, black tights,

black high-heeled shoes, and long braids akin to those worn by Stacey Dash in the popular movie Later that day, the Batman and Robin star published the picture of the couple on her Integra Story and said Both of you look fantastic.

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