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Arabic Movies 8 Unique Flicks to Take You Way Beyond Modern Standard Arabic

by Uneeb Khan

Movies are excellent for learning just about any language.

They provide valuable windows into both language and culture.

This is perhaps especially true when it comes to learn arabic.

It’s a language that can die quickly in the mind if you don’t make the time to keep your skills up to snuff with quality resources.

There’s also the fact that Modern Standard Arabic will only get you so far, and it’s important to understand the significant differences in how the language is actually spoken in various areas.

Using Arabic songs to connect with the language is one of the best ways to stay on top of your learning.

Listening to Arabic podcasts online is another.

So you can probably imagine how watching movies makes for yet another fun and effective way to hone your language skills!

Even better, it’s one of many ways you can easily learn a language by yourself.

Benefits of Learning Arabic Through Movies

If you’re not residing in a specific Arab country or lack friends from that country, Arabic movies become an essential tool for practicing a learn arabic language. Within every language exists a difference between the formal form of the language and the language spoken on the streets. This discrepancy is magnified within the Arabic language, where some dialects have reached the point of being mutually unintelligible.

I once attempted to speak the Moroccan dialect with a taxi driver in Cairo and he basically looked at me as if I was speaking Japanese! Every time I’ve stepped into a new Arab country, I felt I was starting back at Square One. Most people will understand you if you speak Modern Standard Arabic, but you’ll still be looked upon as an oddity for speaking so formally.

In addition to the linguistic benefits, learn arabic free provide valuable insight into Arab societies, culture and especially politics. Arab filmmakers have always used movies to promote awareness in the international community of the political plights that plague the Arab world, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, gender issues and sectarian violence.

Here I’ve compiled eight movies that I’ve found particularly beneficial to my own education of Arabic language and culture.

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