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What Is The Application Of Green Pigments In Solvent Based Coatings?

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Pigment Green 7, one of many green pigments on the market, can be used to create environmentally-friendly paints. Pigment Green 7 offers numerous benefits that make it ideal for industrial coatings and paints. In addition to being non-toxic and water-soluble, Pigment Green 7 can resist color fading, especially in outdoor and marine environments. In other words, Pigment Green 7 will maintain its original green color no matter how long it has been exposed to light or extreme conditions.


Pigment manufacturers in gujarat. There are many ways to apply liquid, powdered and solid pigment powder. The dry type consists of a pigment that has been pulverized or milled into an extremely fine powder. Typical applications include automotive finishes, plastic pigments, printing ink and coating manufacturing. Powder provides paint with strength and durability while retaining flexibility. Pigment manufacturer manufacturers also offer speciality colors including clear, iridescent, metallic/pearl/mica effects and metallics as well as pearlescent. White for applications such as automotive refinishing or customizing. Liquid Pigment offers great flexibility for modifications when combined with other additives such as solvents, flow agents and hardeners. It’s available in several different viscosities ranging from thin liquids to thick pastes.

Pigment Stability

Pigment manufacturers in gujarat are aware that stability is a must for all plastics, more so for pigmented systems. High loadings are usually required to obtain color so that higher impact strength can be imparted to products. The polymer and pigment materials used at high loadings inevitably result in increased UV exposure. Pigments react with oxygen or air and form insoluble material as well as dyes which diffuse into neighbouring layers resulting in discolouration due to yellowing or fading out. To avoid this effect we use stabilizers such as hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) to protect our pigments from free radicals created by UV radiation.

It is also important to note that these substances are soluble in water and will reach out if they come into contact with any humidity present. Solvent based coating have the potential to produce hazardous waste. When discarded because solvents containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) evaporate easily and then condense in the atmosphere, releasing toxins. A new formulation strategy for PET green pigments has been introduced using pigment dispersions with polymers dissolved in non-volatile solvents.


First, let’s start with a history lesson. Pigment manufacturers in gujarat were used for ages and initially, they were found to be made from natural sources such as leaves, flowers and so on. These days, however, plastic pigments are being widely used by many paint companies worldwide. When it comes to colour selection for outdoor paints, you have various shades available to choose from – ranging from cool blue tones to neutral shades of white. If you need an undercoat, then one option could be to use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide-based products which would help protect your surface against the sun’s UV rays.

You might also want to consider using lead free paint if you’re painting any exterior surfaces which children may come into contact with. As mentioned earlier, make sure that the coating system you select will provide excellent durability and protection against moisture damage. It’s worth checking out recent trends before making a final decision. For example, there has been an increase in the popularity of high gloss finishes over matt ones and there are even varnishes now that offer increased water resistance without sacrificing gloss levels.

Consumer Acceptance

Green plastic pigments are used more and more because people are beginning to demand a sustainable solution for plastics. By using these polymers, manufacturers can extend shelf life, improve color stability, and increase resistance to damage and degradation, which ultimately results in a longer lasting product. The public has become better educated on products that work toward a greener environment. As people see cleaner air and water they demand products that don’t contain toxins or other harsh chemicals. To meet consumer demands companies have begun using paints with non-toxic pigment options like green plastics. With more education about what is considered green many consumers are looking for products with environmentally friendly features. One type of feature that consumers find appealing is paint with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Low VOCs contribute to a healthier living space while still having excellent coverage and finish qualities. Companies now offer low VOC paint choices in both interior and exterior applications including interior trim, cabinets, doors, appliances, furniture etc. Many studies have been done over the years on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their potential impacts on human health if not ventilated properly. While this study found no conclusive evidence linking VOCs to cancer there was evidence found linking them to increased respiratory symptoms such as coughing or wheezing in children who were exposed at home during peak hours.

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