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Angel Broking Sub Broker – Business Models, Revenue Sharing, Investment

by Uneeb Khan

Online trading has been made easier and easier by this stock broking house, Angel Broking. The entity established its business in 1987 and has grown to encompass every type of marketable security available in the current market structure.

The customers of Angel Broking can deal in Stocks, Futures & Options, Mutual Funds, Commodities, International stocks, and IPO.

The ideology is to serve the customers and offer every trading securities with one platform, and Angel Broking has succeeded in the same.

With its ever-extended augmentation in the diverse horizon, the company also extended its team with highly skilled companions known as Sub-Brokers.

About Angel Broking Franchise

With the enriching knowledge, experience, and elevating dominance in the Market, Angel Broking aimed to extend its business through a sub-broker program. The company introduced its franchise program, and today it has over 11,000 sub-brokers operating from 1800+ cities in India.

This Angel Broking Franchise Program connects with interested investors from all over India. Customers from anywhere can join Angel Broking platforms easily through Sub-Brokers.

The business setup brings new avenues for the sub-brokers to attain. They operate under the brand name and get proper training, support, tools, and platforms delivered to them. The revenue sharing of Angel Broking is also one of the highest in the Market.

Types of Business Models

Angel Broking sub-broker program lays down multiple partnership options, of which the prospective partner can select the one that seems the most profitable and thriving for them.

These partner programs carry their distinct characteristics and offer their potential on a unique spectrum to the sub-brokers. One essence which remains the same in all the partner programs is the profitability and growth opportunities.

Angel Broking Sub Brokership is one of the Best Sub Broker programs in India.

Partner Programs with Angel Broking are under the following names:

Authorized Person
Master Franchise

Authorized Person: It is one of the simple-to-follow business setups for any financial market enthusiast. The profit margin with this structure is sky-scrapping, and the functions to be performed are also thrilling for the individuals. Previously known as a sub-broker, the authorized person assists customers with trading and choosing the right securities.

Remisier: With low initial investment costs, one can start as a Remisier for Angel Broking. They introduce individuals interested in gearing up investment and trading to Angel Broking, help them open a Demat account, and trade using the platforms of Angel Broking.

This business setup demands low initial investment, a negotiable security deposit, and the flexibility of working from any place.

Master Franchise: Master Franchise is the traditional business arrangement where the sub-broker controls a particular region. This program is a great opportunity for brokers looking to expand their broking business to a handsome level and attain the utmost success.

This is the most preferred form of partner program led by Angel Broking.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue, profit, income, etc., is the strongest factor that drives most of us while set up a new business premise. It is the first motivation while structuring a profit-making business.

To keep the sub-brokers motivated all the time, Angel Broking maintains good revenue sharing for its Sub-Brokers. The revenue sharing is generally a range between which the earnings of a sub-broker move. This dynamic range can be increased over time as per the dedication and results of the franchise.

Widely, the commission percentages of the sub-brokers in the different categories range as follows:

An authorized person can earn up to 50%-70%
Individuals offering services under the Remisier program can earn up to 30% to 50%
Master Franchise retains the maximum percentage of revenue which ranges between 70% to 80%


Investment is the sum required to establish the business premises for running and executing the functions. The investment for the Angel Broking sub-broker program differs from plan to plan. For each sub-broker structure, the investment requirement is as follows:

Authorized Person: To start as an Authorized Person for Angel Broking, you must invest Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

Remisier: The investment in the case of Remisier is the lowest. One can start under this program with a minimal investment of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Master Franchise: A master franchise is expected to run a well-built office premise to entertain the customers in person and maintain the same. Therefore, a master franchise will require investments ranging between Rs. 1 lakh – Rs. 3 lakhs.


Angel Broking ranks high among other stock broking firms operating in India currently largely in every aspect, whether it is trading platforms, brokerage charges, Demat account services, innovation, customer support, sub-broker program, etc.
The sub-broker program of the entity has gained quite a popularity in the stock market streets. They offer:

Easy setup process
Comprehensive initial training
Support in the setup of the business
Revenue sharing of the company is attractive
Offer a wide range of products and services to extend to the customers


Angel Broking (Now Angel One) is a popular and appreciated financial services company in India. They have decades of experience in the Market and consist of a team of individuals, skilled and driven toward the success of the end customers.
The sub-brokers, too, form part of its services and work hard to make trading easier for the customers. The partner program is filled with possibilities and opportunities for the sub-brokers.

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