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American Hollywood actress “Julia Roberts” Biography.

by M Asim

Julia Roberts, the dazzling Hollywood actress, has captivated audiences worldwide with her charismatic performances and radiant smile. Born on October 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia, as Julia Fiona Roberts, she rose to fame as one of the most accomplished and beloved actresses in the entertainment industry. Beyond her stellar career, Roberts is also a devoted mother. Let’s take a closer look at the extraordinary life and career of this American sweetheart, including her journey into motherhood.

Early Life and Family:

Julia Roberts was born into a creative and close-knit family. Her parents, Walter Grady Roberts and Betty Lou Bredemus, were both actors and playwrights. Growing up in a household filled with artistic expression, Julia developed a passion for performing at an early age. She spent much of her childhood in Smyrna before moving to New York with her family.

Personal Life and Motherhood:

While Julia Roberts’ professional life soared to great heights, her personal life also attracted considerable attention. She has been married to cinematographer Daniel Moder since 2002, and the couple has three children together—twins Hazel Moder and Phinnaeus and a son named Henry. Despite the challenges of maintaining a private life in the public eye, Roberts has managed to balance her career with her commitment to family.

Early Career:

Julia’s journey to stardom began with her first acting role in the 1987 film “Firehouse.” However, it was her breakout performance in the critically acclaimed film “Mystic Pizza” (1988) that caught the industry’s attention. Roberts’ undeniable talent and on-screen charisma paved the way for her to become a sought-after actress in Hollywood.

Breakthrough Role:

In 1990, Julia Roberts took on the role that would define her career and solidify her place in Hollywood history. Starring opposite Richard Gere in the romantic comedy “Pretty Woman,” Roberts played the vivacious and unforgettable character, Vivian Ward. The film not only became a massive box office success but also earned Roberts her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. “Pretty Woman” remains a classic in the romantic comedy genre and is one of Roberts’ most iconic roles.

Acclaim and Achievements:

Julia Roberts continued to impress both audiences and critics with her diverse roles in films such as “Steel Magnolias” (1989), “The Pelican Brief” (1993), and “Erin Brockovich” (2000). Her portrayal of Erin Brockovich, a real-life legal assistant, earned her the Academy Award for Best Actress, solidifying her status as one of the industry’s leading talents.


Julia Roberts’ legacy extends beyond her impressive filmography. She has become a cultural icon, known not only for her acting prowess but also for her philanthropic work. Roberts has been an advocate for various charitable causes, using her platform to raise awareness about environmental issues, children’s healthcare, and poverty.


Julia Roberts, with her undeniable talent, infectious smile, and relatable charm, has left an indelible mark on Hollywood. From her breakthrough role in “Pretty Woman” to her Oscar-winning performance in “Erin Brockovich,” Roberts’ career has been a remarkable journey filled with success, acclaim, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. As she continues to captivate audiences, Julia Roberts remains an enduring symbol of talent, grace, and perseverance in the entertainment industry, all while cherishing her role as a loving mother.

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