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A Pro’s Guide To Growing Money Plants More Rapidly

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Money Plant is a very popular house plant in India. The plant is not only beautiful to look at; it is also believed that it brings good luck to the house it is growing. Moreover, it is a NASA-recognized air purifying plant that absorbs the toxins from the air and makes it breathable. One can make beautiful room décor with this lush green trailing beauty.

A money plant is indeed a low-maintenance plant that can grow in negligence. However, many times you may not get the desired growth in the plant. You may feel that the money plant is not thriving as the stems become leggy and less bushy along with smaller size of leaves. On the other hand, you may find bushy trails of money plants in other places.

In reality, though this plant is low maintenance, there are a few tricks that help it grow rapidly. You may not water it regularly but you need to take care of the things like light and fertilization to have bunches full of lush green leaves. If you are willing to buy money plants online, then these tips will definitely help you.

Money plants can be grown in either soil or in water. Here we will discuss both ways so that you can have the options.         

Pro Care Tips To Grow Money Plant in Pot:

In a pot, you can grow money plants indoors or outdoor. You can make a trellis on the wall or hang the stems from a pot. Either way, the money plant will look regal and beautiful. Irrespective of the seasons, it will look beautiful all through the year.

Making Soil for Money Plant:

For money plants, you don’t need to make much effort. It can grow in almost any sort of soil. However, if the soil is fertile, airy, and loamy; then you can see visible growth in the plant. To make the most suitable soil for the money plant, mix garden soil, sand, coco peat, and organic compost well and then put the plant.

Planting of Money Plant: You can directly plant the stem of the money plant in the soil and you can see beautiful new leaves within a few days. Select a pot that has drainage so that water does not clog the pot. You can put 5 to 6 stems of money plant in one pot to make it bushier. You don’t need a bigger pot for this as the money plant loves to stay root-bound. You can check for better growth in a plant that is root-bound.

Location: Selecting the right location for the money plant is very important. You need to select the spot that receives the right amount of light. Too much sunlight will definitely harm the plant as you can see brown or yellow leaves. On the other hand, little sunlight will make the stem leggy and less leafy. The best location for a money plant is the place that will receive partial or indirect sunlight. If you keep the plant indoors, you need to place it in proper light once in a while.

Fertilizer: During the growing season, add liquid fertilizer to the soil. Never add any sort of fertilizer in the winter as it may burn the leaves.

Pruning: Pruning is the main secret to making a money plant growing and thriving. You need to pinch and prune the stem of the plant to encourage the growth of the plant.

Pro Care Tips to Grow Money Plant in Water:

If you have a money plant on your balcony, then you can easily grow the plant from the stem in water. All you need is a healthy stem of the plant. The length of the cutting should be at least 30 cm. Make sure, it has a node on the stem.

Now take a glass jar and fill it up with clean water. Now merge the half of the stem into the water. Make sure the leaves are not under the water. Keep the jar in a location that receives at least 2 to 3 hours of sunlight. You can also hang the jar with a string. You need to change the water once every week.

During summer, make sure the water does not go below the required level. You don’t need to add fertilizer to the water.

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