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A Guide to Baal Farming and the Resurrected Worldstone Keep in Diablo 2

by Uneeb Khan

Farming in Diablo 2 Resurrected is at its most difficult when you’re doing it in the Worldstone Keep or on Baal.

The construction of many structures is going to be difficult in these regions. However, if you are willing to customize both your equipment and your play style, you will be able to obtain rewards that are superior to those found in The Chaos Sanctuary.

Both Worldstone Keep and Baal are excellent locations for farming Experience, Runes, Bases, and Set and Unique Items respectively. The Worldstone Keep is located in a zone that has an Area Level (alvl) of 85. This is of the utmost importance for Holy Grailing, as it pertains to the acquisition of each and every item in the game.

The following are some examples of the various things that can be found in Hell. Check out our drop calculator to see all of the different drops that are possible.

Techniques of Plundering
Put Magic Find and mobility at the top of your list of priorities, and save killing the main boss of the Elite packs for Player 1.

For Diablo 2 Ladder Runes and Bases, use a well-rounded build to kill all Elites and their minions. Ideally, farming Players 7 is the best way to accomplish this. If you employ this tactic, there is no requirement for you to stack Magic Find.

The Norm / My Worst Nightmare
Running Normal Baal encounters until you reach level 40 is an excellent way to get ready for the Nightmare content that lies ahead. In order for this strategy to be worthwhile, there must be a total of eight players in the game or the player count must be set to eight if playing solo. In order for this to be beneficial, the XP bonus for the entire party must be activated. You should advance your character’s gear whenever it reaches a point where it is possible to do so.

Level x-96
The Worldstone. The Keep and the Throne of Destruction are the two most effective locations for gaining experience. Killing all of the Elites and their minions, who together grant a significant amount of experience, is a sound tactic that can be used up to Level 97 and continues to be effective after that. The better the situation is, the higher the player count. He is one of the three foes in the game, along with Diablo (94) and Nihlathak (95), who award a significant amount of experience to the player upon death. Because of the way that Experience is calculated, the optimal configuration for this strategy is Players 3, with a maximum of three actual players present in that area.

Where can I look for Baal and the Worldstone Keep? If you want the quest to count toward completion when completed on the Hell difficulty setting, your character must be level 60 when it is finished. Our approaches to farming always begin from this location. As can be seen in the illustration to the right, these two tiles can have a direct connection made between them. The Waypoint and exit tile has a slender bridge in the middle of it, surrounded on all sides by areas that are marked in red.

When you play Worldstone Keep 3, the positioning of the Throne of Destruction is entirely up to chance. If you start from the central tile, you can move in any direction and still have a chance of finding the exit. To help you save time, you should make an effort to become familiar with the typical shapes of the dead-end tiles. If you are only interested in farming in Worldstone Keep, you should explore every room to get the most out of the encounters with Elite packs. Large densities of Elite packs can be found in the hallways located to the top left, middle, and bottom right, respectively. Farming these locations before entering the Throne room itself will net you a significant increase in the number of drops obtained from each run. In order to enter the Worldstone Chamber and farm Baal, you must first eliminate all five waves. All of Colenzo, Achmel, Bartuc, Ventar, and Lister have the ability to spawn with minions, which can be used to gain a significant amount of experience. When they hit you, they deal a lot of damage, give you knockback, and stun you. They have high resistances, with the Lister being immune to fire and frequently immune to cold as well.

Specifically, they are resistant to heat. Your point of entry is on the bottom right side of this area, directly in front of Baal, who is standing in the middle of the bridge that leads to the Worldstone.

The battle against Baal is not too difficult to understand. In addition to his regular attacks and abilities, he frequently calls forth large groups of tentacles and clones of himself to attack your character. On the other hand, there are some interesting distinctions that you can make out:

In legacy graphics mode, the name “Baal Clone” is not aligned correctly with the monster type “Demon” that appears on his health bar.

Baal Clone cannot  Teleport like Baal can. Once one has teleported, it is simple to ignore the Clone by moving away from the location.

Hints and Suggestions
Mega Danger: Black Souls
The Worldstone Keep 2 and the Throne of Destruction are both locations where the most dangerous monster type in this farming area can be found. Black Souls are a type of undead monster that attack from a distance and lock onto your character before unleashing a barrage of lightning bolts in your direction. After being triggered, they have a tendency to disperse, which results in the Lightning becoming more dispersed and easier to survive.

Mega Danger 2: Death Lords
After the Black Souls, the Death Lords are the next most powerful group. The combination of their devastating damage and lightning-fast movement makes them a formidable adversary. Make sure that you are at least one screen distance away from the target, if not further. When they are killed, however, they do not grant experience or drop loot. This is the problem. It is not worth your time to attempt to kite them for the potential loot because they are quite picky and some builds are able to kill them at a distance. However, other builds are also able to kill them at a distance.50% of them are immune to being broken by standard sources such as Infinity’s Conviction Aura. It is more efficient to push through packs of enemies that are immune to your primary damage type in order to reach the next level and, hopefully, find other monster types there.

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