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How Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Took the Holiday Season by Storm, according to Smash Knit
The inhabitants of a senior residence in Greater Vancouver began pulling out their most extravagant Christmas sweaters as the 2002 holidays drew near. Chris Boyd, a worker, noticed.

Wow, that’s an outstanding sweater, I would say to them, he told HuffPost Canada. I wondered, “Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to track one of these down? ” in the back of my mind.

Therefore, he and his friend Jordan Birch decided to have a tacky Christmas party at their friend Scott’s home in Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver, whose elderly family liked to wear identical sweaters. The idea was to have the cheesiest, feel-good party conceivable, according to Boyd. The guests drank eggnog. Carols were sung. A tree was decorated. They carried out all of this while sporting the flashiest sweaters they could find. hoodies cdg

The friends established it as an annual tradition

, upgrading locations as attendance grew. They started at a university pub, then moved to a neighborhood bar, and then settled at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom, where the event continued through 2017.

But in the 1980s, when more was seen as better in almost everything—from fashion to virtually everything else—any sense of moderation completely vanished. When there is a sweater with everything on it, why choose one with just gingerbread men, a gingerbread home, a snowy scene, a Christmas tree, candy canes, or garland trimming?

Holiday performers like Andy Williams, whose outfits in the 1980s and beyond were less conservative than the solid-colored and simple-patterned sweaters he’d worn earlier in his career, supported the tackiness. However, the promotion was overly sincere. For instance, a 1989 advertisement for Karen Scott sweaters touted “pictures that will warm her heart!” with “ski bears,” “ice skaters,” snowmen, and Santa Claus. Shapiro mocked the phenomenon, appearing shocked at the number of ordinarily sane ladies who dressed like “Gingerbread men run rampant and Scottie dogs on the rampage.” “They mean well, they really do. But they must be stopped somehow, somewhere, she wrote. “Christmas is turning into more of a disorder than a holiday.comme des garcons hoodie

Later articles by writers whose underlying

misogyny gleamed more brilliantly than any sequined Santa appliqué ever had mirrored Shapiro’s concerns.

“What motivates a woman to dress in something so overly festive and sweet? Let me tell you,” Hank Stuever penned in a December 2001 article for The Washington Post. Christmas sweaters are a ho-ho-horrible sign of the season, said Greg Morago of The Hartford Courant in the same month, pleading with “Grandma… aunts, sisters and cousins” to abandon the custom for the sake of st

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