8 Free Online Educational Games for Kids


To find free online educational games that are entertaining and instructive for kids can be challenging. As parents and guardians, it’s crucial to provide games that are not just fun. But also enrich children’s knowledge without exposing them to unsuitable content. 

If your child can access a smartphone or laptop, leverage free online. Educational games can be a wonderful way to keep them engaged and learning. These games can be valuable tools for reviewing what they already know and introducing new concepts in an enjoyable format.

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software offers a treasure trove of educational games, making it a go-to for hundreds of free, fun learning activities online. The site is designed to incorporate sound and visual effects that transform learning into an enjoyable experience. 

With games categorized by different difficulty levels, children of various ages. Educational stages can find suitable challenges that are just right for their learning pace.

The range of subjects is impressive, spanning Mathematics, Geography, Science, Languages, Animals, Health, and various Creative Activities.

The games are intentionally designed to be simple and colorful, avoiding the clutter. The complexity can overwhelm young users on other educational sites. 

Clear instructions are provided for each game, focusing on fundamental learning objectives. Sheppard Software takes pride in creating educational content that is both interactive and memorable for kids.


Blooket join is a fresh take on classroom review and homework. It combines action with education to create a unique learning experience. Instead of traditional flashcards or repetitive practice. Blooket uses game-based learning to engage students and make the learning process more enjoyable.

What sets Blooket Join apart is its variety of game modes. Each mode offers a different way to interact with the material, keeping kids excited about returning to learn more. Whether it’s a race to answer questions the fastest or a quest to conquer territories with correct answers, Blooket turns learning into an adventure.

Teachers and parents can create their own question sets which can be used to customize games, tailoring the experience to the child’s specific learning needs.

It’s a platform that not only caters to individual learning styles but also encourages competition and cooperation among peers. Blooket’s approach helps reinforce concepts in a way that’s dynamic, engaging, and built for today’s tech-savvy learners.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids stands as an engaging platform where education intersects with exploration. This site takes learning beyond the classroom, allowing children to explore the natural world through a digital lens.

Interactive games, intriguing videos, and comprehensive activities cover topics from wildlife to global cultures. Children can take virtual tours across various countries, learning about ecosystems, historical events, and scientific phenomena.

Games such as “The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom” provide not only an educational experience but also an emotionally resonant understanding of history. The content on National Geographic Kids is designed to be more than just informative. it’s also about creating a sense of global stewardship and curiosity in children.

It’s a place where they can contribute by taking quizzes, sharing comments, or even submitting their animal photos. The platform is structured to reinforce skills like logic and memory while nurturing an appreciation for the diversity of life and culture around the globe.


Funbrain caters to children from preschool through 8th grade, providing many games, books, comics, and videos in a safe and kid-friendly online environment. This site combines entertainment with education, allowing children to strengthen their reading, literacy, and math skills through play.

The games on Funbrain are designed for the educational needs of children. In mind, ensuring that they can practice problem-solving and critical thinking in a relaxed setting. To complement the gaming aspect, Funbrain also hosts a collection of digital books and comics.

This includes popular titles that many kids are likely familiar with, such as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” which encourages reading for pleasure—a crucial component of lifelong learning.

The platform is a versatile resource for both home and school use. Allowing children to learn at their own pace and in a way that feels like leisure rather than work. It’s an example of how modern education can be adaptive, engaging, and seamlessly integrated into a child’s world.


ABCya! stands out as an educational website that sprang from the creativity and expertise of public school teachers. This resource is designed with the goal of providing high-quality, engaging learning activities for children, primarily in elementary school.

The platform is filled with a vast selection of games that cover a broad spectrum of educational topics, from language arts to mathematics. Each game on ABCya! is developed to reinforce classroom learning. The games are grade-specific, ensuring that the content is age-appropriate and aligns with educational standards.

Beyond the games, ABCya! Provides animations and interactive activities that cater to various learning styles. It’s a user-friendly site where kids can navigate through different levels of difficulty as they master new skills.

The site also updates regularly with new games, keeping the content fresh and current for returning students. Whether used in the classroom to complement lessons or at home to reinforce learning, ABCya! is a valuable tool for any child’s educational journey.


PBS KIDS is the educational arm of the Public Broadcasting Service, offering a wide array of games that are not only fun but also based on a curriculum designed to empower children. The mission is to impact young lives positively, preparing them for success in school and life through engaging educational content.

On PBS KIDS, children can find an extensive collection of games that foster knowledge, curiosity, critical thinking, and imagination. These games are crafted to assist in developing early childhood skills, encompassing physical, social, cognitive, and emotional growth.

The platform takes a holistic approach to learning, encouraging children to engage with content that is both educational and entertaining. The website is a trusted name for parents and educators, providing quality content that aligns with educational standards.

PBS KIDS makes learning accessible and enjoyable, offering a variety of interactive games that cover everything from reading and math to science and the arts. The games feature beloved PBS KIDS characters, which helps to draw children in and keep them motivated to learn.


Poptropica is an imaginative world conceived by Jeff Kinney, the author behind the widely beloved “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series. This platform offers more than just games; it’s an expansive realm where kids can embark on adventures filled with rich stories and challenging quests.

It’s a virtual space that’s been carefully crafted to nurture both creativity and literacy through gameplay. As players navigate the various islands within Poptropica, they are encouraged to create and personalize their avatars, which adds a layer of identity and ownership to their experience.

Each island has its unique narrative, drawing from historical events and factual information, which turns playing into a learning experience. Children are prompted to use problem-solving skills to unravel mysteries, engage with different scenarios, and overcome obstacles.

Safety is a paramount feature of Poptropica. It’s a KidSafe-certified environment that adheres to rigorous child privacy laws, ensuring a secure online space for children to play and learn. Parents can trust that their kids are not only receiving educational content but are also protected in their online interactions.

Primary Games

Primary Game is an online hub created by a teacher, Susan Beasley, who saw the need to integrate learning with play. This platform is a collection of games that Susan crafted to help her own students learn while having fun. Today, it has grown to include thousands of games across various sites, covering various educational subjects.

The games on Primary Games are designed to be accessible and entertaining, ensuring that children remain engaged while they practice skills in math, reading, and other subjects.

What’s unique about Primary Games is that it doesn’t just offer educational content; it wraps learning in themes and stories that resonate with children, like racing, adventure, action, dress-up, and puzzles.

The site is committed to safety and age-appropriateness, making it a worry-free option for parents seeking educational content online. All games are free and thoroughly reviewed to ensure they are suitable for all ages.

Whether a child is playing on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, Primary Games offers an enjoyable and constructive environment where they can spend their screen time.


The online world is brimming with learning opportunities for children. With a wide array of interactive and educational websites offering free games, the challenge isn’t finding resources.

it’s choosing the best among them. These platforms ensure that your children are not only entertained and informed but also acquire key skills for their academic futures.

Interactive online games have become a staple in educational strategies, as they can significantly enhance learning and retention. By turning study time into playtime, kids can learn complex concepts in a way that’s easy for them to digest and remember.

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