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7 Main Facts About Wholesale Cardboard Boxes

Planning to buy packaging for your product? Read these 7 facts about wholesale cardboard boxes that will show you why you need to buy them in bulk quantity. Cardboard boxes are the packaging type many of us are familiar with. They are used worldwide due to their low cost and eco-friendly nature as they are made up of cardboard stock. The major factor for their popularity is their strength can be regulated by changing the thickness of the cardboard sheet. Their conventional shape is rectangular, but they can be customized in any shape and size with the use of modern technology. The customization is done by keeping in mind the requirements of the product. Many brands get printed with the branding information to promote their brand. They can be personalized by designing them for a specific event or a specific culture.

Vinyl lamination makes them humidity resistant and adds value in their look. Many businesses like to get them manufactured with a die-cut window to display the packed product. Handles of cardboard straps or rope can also be added to them. Every business wants to minimize costs and increase its profits. As cardboard boxes are used by businesses regularly so their cost should be minimized, and the quality should remain the same. That is why we have gathered these 7 facts that will show you why you need to buy them in wholesale.

Reduces Purchasing Cost

When something is bought in bulk quantity, it cost less per piece than the one you buy in less quantity. This universal rule also applies to the bulk purchase of custom cardboard boxes. They are manufactured with recycled material, so their cost is already low. But there is still room for more cost reduction as, who does not want to save money in every possible way? The higher the quantity you buy, the lower the purchasing cost will be. With this low cost, you can give your customers free cardboard boxes for moving up your reputation in the market by merely getting them printed with your logo and name.

Customized Design, Size, And Shape

Custom cardboard packaging is highly customizable in terms of design, size, and shape when you buy it in bulk quantity. Retailers do not give you the liberty to get their shape or design customized. Retailers have fixed sizes for you, so you become limited. When you buy the bulk quantity, you can demand to customize them according to your requirements. Like you can get them printed with product or brand information.

Thanks to modern technology, these custom-printed cardboard boxes can be made in any shape you want. Not too long ago, they were just shaped in a rectangle, but now you can get them manufactured in various shapes like pillows, cylinders, hearts, animals, or any desired one. They can be manufactured in perfect size according to product requirements when they are bought in large quantities. You can get them manufactured with a separate lid, and the lid can be used to create an appropriate die-cut window on it. These cardboard boxes with lids are a great way of showcasing your product in a style that cannot be done when you buy them in normal quantity.

Minimize Transportation Cost

As we know, cardboard packaging can be manufactured in size and shape in that it is a proper fit for the product when bought in bulk quantity. By doing this, they take less space while on cargo so businesses can send more products at the same time. Resulting in a low cost of transportation. Moreover, they are manufactured in a flat cardboard sheet that is assembled by the businesses after delivery. These flat sheets are lightweight and can be transported in huge quantities as they take up very little space. This feature reduces the cost of its delivery. That is why many businesses buy cardboard boxes wholesale.

Saves Time

When you buy cardboard storage boxes wholesale, you save a huge amount of time. The time you were going to spend on giving orders regularly, deciding which one to buy, then waiting for delivery, etc. If you stuck during any of the steps of the buying process, your product delivery would be late, and your business will suffer. Time is money, so your time-saving results in saving money. This is one of the best advantages of buying packaging in big wholesale. 

Gives Peace Of Mind

Custom cardboard boxes, when bought in bulk quantity, can give you peace of mind. This is because you will not worry about buying them regularly. According to a study, many people feel a little bit stressed about the period between order and delivery. And if the delivery is late, this stress can take away your peace of mind. That is why people like to buy them in large quantities once every month or a quarter of the year to have peace of mind.

Choose The Material Of Desired Quality

Quality of packaging matters a lot as the customers form a perception of your brand by looking at it. You cannot get the same quality as you desire when you buy custom cardboard packaging in retail. But you can get the desired quality at affordable prices when you order it in large quantities. In this way, you can use cardboard boxes for moving up your brand reputation and can increase customer satisfaction as well. 

Marketing Benefits

When you buy readymade boxes, you cannot get them personalized to promote your brand. But when you buy cardboard boxes wholesale, you can get them printed with promotional information like the tagline and slogan of your brand. They can be printed with branding information as well as the logo, name, and vision of the business. Many people like to give gifts in branded packaging, so these cardboard gift boxes satisfy this need of people. All of these customized features can be availed when buying bulk quantities. 

The opportunity of having peace of mind, choose the desired quality, and customize design motivates many businesses to buy cardboard packaging in wholesale. But these are not the only benefits of buying it in bulk. The above-mentioned facts are some of the many that show the importance of buying it in larger quantities.

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