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7 Facts About Facebook You Didn’t Know Before!

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Want to get famous on Facebook? Then, you are at the right place. However, here are some interesting unknown facts that people usually don’t know. Using these, one can easily make a better profile or page on the platform.

Facebook is a big community that allows people from all over the world to come together and build a connection. It has become a valuable brand in the leading world with a gathering billion users at present. 

However, Facebook allows users to chat and post content like photos or videos, and even people can promote their business in order to Buy Facebook Followers, likes, or comments for its growth and expansion. 

Hidden Friend List 

Any user can easily hide their friend list from others and make it seen only by you. This is the way to maintain a limit of people visiting your profiles for the purpose of safety. However, as per default, anyone can see your friends list, and you need to change this by going to the settings option.

This feature can be easily edited by visiting the edit privacy option from settings and selecting the audience with whom you like to share your information. Some people don’t know about this function before. 

Option Of Restrict Any Profile

One major concern that users usually get is to add or follow only those people whom they know personally. This shows the major concern of security and safety for getting any data breaches or misuse of any content or information by anyone. 

Sometimes, some unknown people get added to your profile, so you can unfriend them immediately. But in case there is some serious miss-happening of any activity by any user, then you can easily restrict that person’s account. 

Live Streaming

This is a new feature that has been added recently, as you are aware that the Facebook app can be accessed through mobile phones, which allows people to come to live with their content for its viewers. Some even make sure to Buy FB Followers to show more people their live videos. 

Although, it is a very easy way to express any form of content by coming live to your audience. It is highly used by influencers and business units to promote any product or service and give information regarding the same. 

Choose Who Can Send You Request 

This is a special way to maintain privacy from outsiders visiting your profile. If you are worried about random friend requests which you receive in a day, then here is the feature which can allow you to customize the setting and allow only certain people who can send you requests. 

You can select your audience according to your preference, about who can visit your profile and see stuff like friends list, pictures, etc. This will make your profile safe from unknown people visiting and accessing the data. 

Report Unnecessary Comments 

Many times, you can get inappropriate or abusive comments on your content, like videos or pictures. This happens because unknown people can simply get to make a comment without any concern for the person.

But now, you can easily report and delete that comment without telling anyone. This will hide the comment from that content and create a healthy environment around Facebook. Along with it, it also allows you to block the same person who made that comment. 

View Nearby Friends 

Facebook comes with an option where it allows users to view their friends who are near to them. This is the same as getting to know about your friend’s location if they are near to your city or locality. 

This feature will notify you every time you get a nearby friend, and you can immediately message them up to meet. In order to do so, you have to choose and enable this feature from the settings so that you can know about the location. 

Increasing Mobile Users 

As you know, Facebook can be easily accessed through mobile devices, so any person can access the app without any complications. But according to a report, there seems to be an increase in the number of mobile users who are using the Facebook app. 

This is because of the convenient and easy way to start accessing the application without any hurdle of sitting in one place in case of the desktop to access Facebook. Earlier, it was done this way, but now with the advancement of technology, it becomes easy to use the Facebook app through mobile, Android, or IOS. 

In last,

It is a great platform that is merely for the purpose of entertainment but also for socializing all things available on the platform. This will allow users to know about the outside world at any time and any place.

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