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6 Things to Consider When Buying a Silk Pillowcase?

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Pure silk pillowcases allow you to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful sleep. They are an excellent investment for your overall health, skin and hair as they provide many health and beauty benefits due to natural proteins. Other than that, they provide a posh and luxurious look and soft feel. 

However, one might get perplexed when buying a real silk pillowcase, due to the wide range of variety available in the market. A genuine pillowcase has the ideal weight and quality and would have a higher price than other fabrics with blended silk. Read on to know more about the factors you should look for when buying a silk pillowcase to derive the optimum benefits.  

Factors to Consider While Buying Silk Pillowcases

  1. Grade of Silk

You can examine the quality of the silk pillowcases through the silk grading system. Silk products of the highest grade would be most expensive, and you should be aware not to purchase a high-grade silk item that has a low price as the fabrics might be blended. Silk grades are categorized into A, B, and C types, with A being the highest kind. Each grade is further subdivided into six categories, with 6 being the highest quality. Thus, the highest-grade silk is the silk with 6A grade. The 6A long strands are durable, pure and have a natural sheen. 

  1. Type of Silk

You should look for a pure quality Mulberry Silk pillowcase. Mulberry Silk is extracted from cocoons of silkworms that have only been fed Mulberry leaves. Mulberry Silk is the best quality of silk, and the strands are smooth, strong, and uniformly coloured. Additionally, silk charmeuse is the best quality weave and gives silk a smooth, luxurious and friction-free touch. Charmeuse weave Mulberry Silk pillowcase keeps the skin and hair hydrated and eliminates frizz and sleep wrinkles. 

  1. Silk Weight

The weight of silk is measured in momme. The higher the momme, the more dense the silk fabric would be. Real silk pillowcases weighing over 22 momme are considered high quality. You should not purchase a product that does not mention the weight as you may purchase an inferior quality. 

  1. Environmental-Friendly Silk

Look for silk pillowcases that are OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certified, ensuring that every strand of silk is free from harmful and toxic chemicals, including irritants and toxins.  

  1. Build Quality

You should buy a pillowcase that is not only manufactured from pure silk but also should be built properly with evenly spaced and uniform stitching. French technique hides the seams by folding the stitching over. You might also check the position of the stitching as some people prefer it to be hidden. 

  1. Size and Color Options

You should check the size of the pillows before buying a silk pillowcase. You might need a queen, king or standard-sized pillowcase, which is indicated on the product’s tag. Natural silk has an off-white ivory colour. Pillowcases of this colour are the only ones not dyed, as all the other silk pillowcases undergo a colouration process. 

Where to Find Authentic Quality Silk Pillowcases?

You can find pure silk pillowcases that satisfy all the above criteria from a brand named Mayfairsilk. We have conducted our research and found them to be a reliable brand manufacturing high-quality real silk pillowcases. They have won multiple awards like ‘Most Outstanding Bedding Store 2022- London by Business Elite Awards’. They use 6A grade in 25 momme which gives the pillowcases the ideal weight and smoothness. Their silk has all the properties of genuine silk and is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified, ensuring that every strand is free from harmful chemicals. They are expanding into premium luxury retail stores in the Middle East and the USA.
For more information, you can visit www.mayfairsilk.com.

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