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5 Ways to Make Studying Time Fun for Kids

by Uneeb Khan

Kids often find the process of studying and learning something new boring. So, parents and teachers need to look after this and develop some fun and engaging techniques to make learning fun for kids. It is also often seen that kids do not tend to retain the information gathered even after putting long hours of their day into their studies. So, here are five ways to make studying fun for kids:-

1. Reading aloud with voice modulation

It is very important to read loud and clear while learning a new topic or understanding a concept properly. A student might feel sleepy or tired if allowed to engage in silent reading. They might also sometimes miss important information as their attention span decreases during silent reading.  

Reading loudly also helps them retain and recollect the data properly. While the child engages in reading, the teacher must compliment them. Just saying “Great Job” would do the job. It helps them feel motivated and more focused, builds their confidence, and makes their transition into independent learners effective. If kids feel happy about their accomplishments based on external support, they will likely continue putting in an effort.

2. Take the help of illustrations and colorful charts

It is believed that more than words, pictures, or other visual mediums like Flow charts or videos help kids learn better. If any kid faces difficulty understanding written sentences, the teacher must take an extra step to draw pictures related to the topic. It makes learning fun as well as easy. Teachers should make colorful charts, and the stationeries should be bright in color with interesting patterns to draw the child’s attention.

This technique also improves the child’s imagination as they learn to connect words with pictures. Thus, remembering better. Look for the best international schools in Riyadh. The teachers at such schools try to follow fun ways of teaching their students to make learning effective.

3. Take breaks in between

Only studying and not engaging in any fun activities will make the kid a dull person. It is essential to take breaks in between study sessions. Breaks help the kids in retaining information for a longer duration of time as they feel stress-free.  

Kids can dance or do music-based exercises during the breaks. It will help them stay motivated while learning as they look forward to these fun sessions between studies. You can also play music related to their analysis topic to enhance learning. It can apply to the teaching-learning environments of primary schools in Riyadh.

4. Real-life application

Kids learn better when taught based on something that they experienced in real life. They know better and much faster this way. Their retention capacity increases when introduced to a topic this way.

Kids also learn from the environment around them. So, if they are taught to learn based on real-life situations, they will develop a habit. It makes them more engaged and involved in the process of learning. And, life becomes the best and ultimate teacher for them.

One example of this could be teaching the child about measurements. Instead of making them read the figures from a textbook, it is better to give them hands-on experience with the same. The child can be taught measuring by asking their parents to participate. Parents can take various measurement tools at home and make the child get involved in measuring from time to time.  

Another example could be the concept of time and money. Only solving mathematical school problems present in their books won’t make them learn faster. A child must be taught to check time in a clock and also count and manage small amounts of money from an early age.

5. The need to challenge oneself by engaging in role-play

Going over the same notes can get very boring and monotonous at times. Doubtless, repetition aids learning, but that should not make studying boring. Kids can be made to challenge themselves while learning. It will keep them motivated and excited to know better.

Teachers can challenge them on how they write a three-page essay or solve a Math problem in much less time than what they usually take. It would increase their pace and understanding capacity in a shorter time. Apart from this, teachers can teach stories and plays to kids through role plays. Each kid must be assigned the role of one character so that their involvement in learning is intact.


To conclude, learning something new might seem intimidating initially. But, if the right guidance and technique are provided to the children, they can work wonders and shine brighter. Above are some truly effective, creative, and amazing ways to make learning and study hours better and fun for kids. The key is that they remain motivated throughout the process of learning.

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