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5 Signs of Common Household Drainage Problems

by John

Ever had a flooded apartment? Or a clogged shower drain?

A minor drainage inconvenience may turn into an absolute disaster in a blink.

Therefore, it is always advised to have a regular maintenance check by a professional for plumbing and drainage systems.

It is also a good idea to keep a list of reliable emergency drainage service providers. For instance, those living in Melbourne must know at least a couple of Drainage Services in Melbourne to rely on in emergency scenarios.

Drainage Services in Melbourne

However, unforeseen situations always arise, no matter how careful you are. So how do you tell if your drainage system needs a re-check?

Let’s see some of the common red flags of a drain situation.

1. A wet concrete driveway

We see many Concrete Driveways in Melbourne with a drainage system in place. A drainage system is installed in driveways to resolve multiple problems such as concrete erosion, foundation damage, siding and structural damage, etc.

All such water concerns can be easily resolved by installing a driveway drain grate — One of the common drainage services in Melbourne. A drain allows water to travel from the driveway’s surface into the driveway channel drain, where it may swiftly drain into the sewer.

Standing water, usually a red flag, will no longer be a concern. Your driveway will dry considerably faster if you install a concrete driveway drain to manage water. As a result, you will not have to spend money on repairs, which may pile up over time.

2. Drainage Odours

Drainage odours are not just obnoxious but also a huge sign of a larger drain problem. Such bad odours are caused by clogged drains and are commonly observed in toilets, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and shower drain.

The bad stench from the drains is one of the most visible indications of a drain situation. It’s a telltale sign that you have a clog in your drain caused by stagnant water and rotting materials.

The unpleasant odour from your drain might start before any visible symptoms appear. If you notice any strange odours, don’t ignore them; they won’t go away on their own. Call for expert help at your earliest convenience.

3. Frozen Drainage Pipes

The temperature gets colder during winter. This leads to numerous drainage troubles, such as frozen drainage pipes, that are hard to deal with. Frozen drainage pipes are one of the standard drainage services in Melbourne. Also, you can prefer quality Drainage Pipes that make your drainage system more reliable. 

When your pipes freeze, they become significantly more prone to bursting. The best solution is to cut off your water supply via the stop tap to be safe until the expert arrives.

Avoid attempting to repair the problem yourself as it can result in cracked or burst pipes. Also, you can prefer Drainage Pipes that make your drainage system reliable.

4. Slow Flowing Faucet

A slow-flowing tap might be a sign of a bigger underlying problem.

It is a typical drain issue that many people neglect, expecting it will go away on its own. Slow-moving water, on the other hand, seldom corrects itself and is a red flag to possible drain issues such as a damaged drain pipe or a clog.

If you leave a clog or a damaged pipe that is causing slow-flowing water, you will most likely end up having a flood, or a break in the pipe, streaming water all over your home’s interior.

So, this must be resolved as soon as you notice a red flag.

5. Strange Noises

Hearing gurgling sounds from your drains or toilet flush or plug holes?

Careful; it can be a sign of trapped air in your pipes. It is typically caused by material buildup in drains such as grease, oil, food, and soap.

When the drain tries to keep running, forcing water and air past the clogs, it results in strange gurgling sounds.

If you notice any weird sounds coming from your drains, no matter how negligible it is, contact a professional immediately.

Final say

Every household faces these situations at one point or another. Instead of panicking at the moment, it is always recommended to have a regular check of things done by an expert.
As mentioned before, keep a few contacts of emergency drainage services in Melbourne or wherever you live that can help you with drainage problems, and you’re good.

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