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5 Reasons Your Home Insurance Claim May Have Been Rejected

Homeowners insurance is an essential part of any home-owning family’s finances, but when you have to file an insurance claim after a disaster strikes, it can sometimes feel like your insurance company doesn’t understand how important it is to you. However, there are many things that could cause your home insurance claim to be rejected without the company even knowing about it – and they might not be your fault at all! Here are five reasons your home insurance claim might have been rejected, along with steps you can take to file another one. A lot of people are having the same problem as you with their Home Insurance Claims getting rejected. There are many reasons why Home Insurance Claims Rejected; we will discuss them later on in this article and also provide you with some solutions on how to avoid this problem in the future.

1) The home insurance policy doesn’t cover floods

Fully understanding your home insurance policy is important to preventing a home insurance claim rejection. One common reason for a Home Insurance Claim Rejected is that it does not cover floods. The type of coverage you have will depend on the type of plan you purchase, be sure to read the policy before making any decisions about your coverage. The coverage doesn’t meet the deductible: If you had an expensive home repair, and couldn’t afford the deductible up front, this could cause your insurance company to deny your claim. The solution would be to get a temporary line of credit or work with an insurer who offers instant cash advances.

The damage was caused by another person: A lot of people assume that their homeowner’s insurance covers damage from intentional acts like vandalism or theft but in fact it doesn’t. You may need a commercial property policy instead if you want protection against these types of losses and damages.

2) There was no proof of damage

Home insurance claim rejected? Make sure you’re following the proper protocol to avoid getting your claim denied. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million! Include videos of damage and clean up, as well as video of workers fixing the issue so that it’s easy for them to review and get back with you if they need more information.

The cause of damage was not covered: Home Insurance Claim Rejected?

If there is an item on your home inventory list that should be covered by home insurance but isn’t, make sure you mention it when talking about how your home was damaged or broken into. You can find a copy of the list on the front page of our website in our What Is Covered? tab under Home Inventory.

3) They don’t think the loss is insurable

Your insurance company may have rejected your claim because they don’t think the loss is insurable. For example, if you didn’t have enough coverage for your belongings or if you made a mistake on your application form. If that’s the case, then a claim may not be possible. In this case, you should talk to your insurance agent about what options are available to you.

2) They believe the damage was caused intentionally: Home Insurance Claim Rejected can also be denied because the insurer believes there was intent to cause damage.

3) They believe it wasn’t an accident: Another possibility is that they feel like there was no accident involved in causing the damage to your property. In other words, they don’t believe someone broke into your house and stole something of value or hit it with their car by accident and left without reporting it; instead, they think it was purposely broken into and robbed. If you want them to investigate further, this is usually when we call the police. If the police report supports our suspicions and denies yours, then unfortunately we’ll need to deny your claim as well.

4) The item wasn’t insured

A common reason for a home insurance claim rejection is that the house was not insured. If your insurer doesn’t know you were insured, they won’t be able to help you out when it comes time for a claim. For this reason, if your Home Insurance Claim Rejected, make sure you inform them of this! The damage occurred before the policy began: Another common reason for a denial is that you didn’t start coverage until after your roof had already been damaged.

The cause of damage isn’t covered: The cause of damage can also play into whether or not an insurance company will cover damages on your property. Say, for example, the wind caused all the damage on your roof—your insurer might still deny coverage because windstorms are excluded in their policy. The same would apply to fires and other natural disasters as well as vandalism and theft if you did not purchase additional coverage with these inclusions.

5) You changed your mind about filing a claim

Home insurance claim rejected? Here are 5 reasons your home insurance claim may have been rejected – You changed your mind about filing a claim: Home insurance claim rejected?

– The damage was caused by an act of war or terrorism: Home insurance claim rejected.

– The damaged property is abandoned, vacant or scheduled for demolition: Home insurance claim refused.

– A court order says that you cannot sue to collect on this loss: Home Insurance Claim Denied.

– The company says it was not at fault for the incident and/or it can’t be proven that you suffered damages because of the incident: Home Insurance Denied. – An earthquake occurs:Home Insurance Claim Rejected.

– Hazardous chemicals seeped into the building and make it uninhabitable:Home Insurance Claim Received. – It takes too long for the contractor to start repairs after the policyholder approves them: Home Insurance Claim Refused.

– It takes too long for the contractor to finish repairs after they’ve been approved: Home Insurance Claim Denied.

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