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5 Reasons Why Alcohol Detox at Home Could Not Help You

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There are a lot of videos on YouTube saying you can do an alcohol detox, right where you are without having to go to a detox center. These videos suggest detox methods that claim to be informative, but their instructions and practices are hardly effective. Many times people try out these methods and soon realize they are up to no good. There are several reasons why they don’t work as their developers claim them to be.

Your Condition of Addiction is Severe

The primary reason why detox at home doesn’t work is because your addiction is severe. If you are serious enough to search for detox methods at home, then you must be drinking for a long time. And, you can’t just drink some fruit juices and expect your body to stop asking for alcohol. Your continuous drinking led to your body to adapt to alcohol. This slow growth of dependence on alcohol can’t just be cut off in a few days.

Amount of Alcohol in Your Body is High

This is the result of you consuming alcohol for a long time. Your body tends to store everything that gets into it. It stores food as fat, and it stores water and other drugs too. The alcohol which enters your bloodstream will linger on long after you have it. And as you drink regularly, the drug starts accumulating inside your body. This stored up alcohol is what tempts you to keep drinking every day. And it doesn’t go away with a home detox either.

You Don’t Have a Good Support System

A support system is any set of people who would support you when you decide to quit drinking. These people will help you stay sober, and also engage you in productive activities. Many people who lack these kinds of social circles tend to break down and stay addicted to alcohol for a long time. Fortunately, if you join a drug detox clinic you can find a lot of support and care while you recover from drugs.

There is No one to Control You in Your Family

This includes your family, friends, and any person who cares for you. Usually, it is your partner or your parents. These people keep your addictions in check by making you realize what you are doing to yourself. Their care for you makes your subconscious mind control yourself. But, if there is no one to control you, it could be problematic.

You Don’t Have Medical Supervision Outside

Finally, you need medical supervision and standardized treatment procedures for a detox to work. You can get all these at a good detox center. We would recommend Briarwood Detox Center at Austin to give you the best treatments and detox for drug addictions. In just about a week’s time, you will feel fresh and your body will be rejuvenated. Inside the Briarwood Detox Center, you get all these 5 important things that are required to come out of addiction. You will have constant medical attention and urgent care you need to get through detox. 

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