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5 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Find a Business man’s Bio

If you’re in charge of organizing the next company event and you have the responsibility of finding business bios, this task may seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! These five out-of-the-box ways to find business bios will give you a great place to start looking when you need a bio in no time at all.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect place to find someone’s bio . Not only can you find a lot of information about what they’re currently doing, you’ll also have insight into their previous work and connections. And if LinkedIn isn’t your thing, there are other sites like Crunch base and who is where you can search for people by name.

Try Google Image Search

You can use Google Image Search if you know what the person looks like. Click on the camera icon and paste their name into the search bar. That will bring up all of their publicly available photos in Google’s image search results. You can try using stock images as well if you don’t know what the person looks like, although it may not be as accurate. Another idea is to try Twitter or LinkedIn for profile pictures, since both are likely to have a picture of your target Business men bio up somewhere.

Look for Their Email Signature

Their email signature might be the only place you can find information about the businessman, but if you’re lucky, they’ll also include it in their Twitter and LinkedIn bios. If not, look for clues such as their company website or mailing address. You could also try searching their name on Google+ if they have an account. Finally, call the company to see if they will give out any details over the phone.

Browse Their Website

Just visit their website and click on the About Us section. Read through their biography, find out what sets them apart from other businessmen in the area. Check if they have any video or audio podcasts on their website that you can listen to for free. This will give you some insight into who they are and how they think. It also shows off their marketing skills. If there is no About Us page then look at other areas of the site such as Contact Info or News & Events.

Contact Their PR Agency

PR firms represent many well-known CEOs and business executives who are high up in the ranks of corporate power. So if you’re looking for information on how to find bios, contact their PR agencies. When they’re looking for new clients, they often search the internet themselves, so there’s a chance that you’ll already be on their radar! You can also reach out to their employees or co-workers on LinkedIn, which will provide some useful leads. As long as you know what company they work for, go ahead and reach out! For example: Hi Jane Doe from ABC Company is a good way to get started when it comes to writing an email. If you have no idea where else to look, try searching businessperson + bio or https://upcuz.com/ + biography and see what pops up!

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