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5 Most Common Problems of Ceiling Fans and How to Fix Them

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Ceiling fans are a cost-effective and convenient way to keep your house cool in the presence or absence of an AC. These can do wonders in the combination with your air conditioning unit. It can save a lot of energy if run alternatively with your AC. In this way, these can save you a lot of money on AC bills.

All this is only possible if your ceiling fans are in good condition. If your ceiling fans are not in order, you should fix their problems as soon as possible. You can book specialized electrician services in Karachi for effective and efficient solutions to your ceiling fans’ problems.

Most Common Ceiling Fan Problems and Their Solutions

1. Noisy Ceiling Fan

If your ceiling fans have become old and wrecked due to little or no maintenance for years or even decades, they can produce noise. And when you try to sleep under such a noisy fan, it does not let you sleep properly.

Continuous noise makes an itch in your brain not letting you sleep even after a hectic daily routine. You might end up being frustrated by such humming ceiling fans.

Do not worry! It is not going to last forever! Book the best electrician in Karachi and get your noise problem fixed as soon as possible.

2. Wobbling Ceiling Fans

Sometimes, your ceiling fan wobbles too much that you fear laying under it. Your fear is right, it can fall upon you if you do not check it for a longer time.

The screws can loosen over time and can not hold the fan in place. As a result, the wobbling fan can fall which can cost you injuries.

Therefore, why not keep your fan inspected and maintained. You can inspect your fan yourself if you have basic knowledge, skills, and tools. But if you do not have the proper skills, do not worry.

You can book a professional electrician in town who has taken training for decades. Mahir company is one of Pakistan top 5 Home Maintenance Companies for the most effective inspection and solution of your wobbling ceiling fans.

3. Running Too Slow

Are your ceiling fans running too slow and can not provide you with the cool air you deserve? It is sometimes due to motor malfunctioning.

If the motor of your fan is not in order, it starts showing defective performance. It might run slower than usual or faster.

Therefore, if you want to make your fan run smoothly, you should get it inspected. How can you do it? It is not that difficult! You can let an expert do this.

4. Stuck on One Speed

Sometimes, your fan is stuck on one speed and you do not know how to fix this unusual problem. You might make different attempts to fix your fan’s speed problem. But you can not repair your fan if you do not have the proper skills and tools.

The best option to solve this problem is to book a professional electrician. The skilled electrician will know which technique will be best for solving your one-speed problem.

It might be due to a faulty capacitor of your fan. If the capacitor of your fan is faulty, it will not run at a proper speed or will stick on a single speed.

You can also resolve this problem on your own if you have basic skills and tools. What you have to do is to unscrew the fan and replace the capacitor.

If you want it done professionally, book professional electrician services in Lahore.

5. Not Turning On

Has your ceiling fan stopped working? And it is not turning on? Do not worry! Inspect the whole electric circuit whether there is any fault with it or not. The most expected reason might be a tripped circuit breaker.

You can check your circuit breaker and switch it one if it is tripped off. But if it is normal, you can look for your electric outlet. Try to plug in your fan’s switch firmly so that the current supply can be ensured.

If you have inspected your electric circuit but still can not turn on your ceiling fan, you should let an expert look into the matter. You can book the best electrician in town for an effective solution to your problem.

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