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5 Incredible Road Trips from Orlando

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Florida is quite a various state, and because of the central location of Orlando, you could reach many destinations heading from it and using only 1 or 2 gas tanks. We gathered the best destinations for you to savor every moment while being at any of them.

1. Little Havana, Miami

Although Cuba isn’t suitable for a road trip, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its culture! This neighborhood is known for being Miami’s cultural, social, and political activity center and it’s the biggest exile district throughout the world. Little Havana carries out many festivals, notably Calle Ocho Music Festival and the Three Kings Parade. The area is famous for its landmarks too: Calle Ocho, the Long Walk of Fame, the Cuban Memorial Boulevard, and others.

To fully experience the Cuban spirit here, you should start your morning with Cuban coffee. Visit La Colada Gourmet, the coffee shop that uses the real beans from Cuba. Then, go to Calle Ocho we mentioned above to look at Cuban and Latin American art and wander around the galleries. Use car rentals in Orlando, Florida under 25, the services which are accessible to a young driver.

2. Chocolate Kingdom, Orlando

Are you a genuine sweets lover? Then you’d be delighted by witnessing how your favorite kind of dessert is made. Discover how the cocoa beans turn into tasty various chocolate bars in the interactive tour at this factory. You’ll have a chance to go to the special Chocolate Museum, go through Cacao Tree Greenhouse, and some Mystical River of Chocolate. An extraordinary experience is, of course, forming your own chocolate bar. Can you imagine? But for this, you’d have to pay an extra $9. This tour is quite entertaining and educational. The 50 minutes of the tour pass fairly quickly!

3. Butterfly World

We offer you to face an adorable spot you have probably never heard of! If a butterfly paradise exists, we’re sure it is! This unique park in the Western Hemisphere holds more than 19,000 alive butterflies. You need about 3 hours to get there, in Coconut Creek city, Tradewinds Park. You may be thinking about a car rental to move from one point to another quickly. Therefore, we inform that 21 years is the minimum age to rent a car in most states. The exceptions are New York and Michigan – 18 years. Let’s get back to our destination.

Everything started in 1988 when former engineer Ronald Boender began to raise butterflies as well as their food plants in his own home! Since then, it grew into the incredible biggest park of its kind. Butterfly World has 3 aviaries, and one of them is for hummingbirds. This place is also known as a large aviculture research center. So, get ready to take a lot of pictures as you’ll be in a center of plenty of fluttering, joyful and multicolored insects, the majority of which are certainly not camera shy. 

4. Bradenton

Whether learning history is your passion or you’re eager to know more about Florida, Bradenton city is a good place to explore something new! Expect to spend nearly 1.5 hours reaching the city. Manatee Village Historical Park has lots to share about Manatee County’s history from the 19th century to the early 20th. On its territory, you’ll find about 15 historical buildings, each with its own story. 

Also, consider viewing The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature with numerous exhibits: Archeological, DinoVenture, The Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat, Mosaic Backyard Universe, and others. You will be excited! The Village of the Arts is something specific that every tourist hopes to find. That’s a place, where you could see the art from an unusual side. Be sure to stroll down Bradenton Riverwalk – a breathtaking view is guaranteed!

5. Cape Canaveral

If you’re interested in space issues, you must have known about this cape. It is a test site for NASA rockets since 1950. The Kennedy Space Center is located there and has a special Visitor Complex with a wide variety of exhibits, displays, artifacts, and attractions to see. It indeed captures the attention no matter whether you’re a fan of spaceflights or not. Lots of historic locations and cool stuff to figure out something new. Use under 25 car rentals and don’t worry about 

Thanks for reading! Have fun while traveling!

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